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  1. It followed me home

    There is a silver circle on the side of it in the first photo. That is a short pin with a hole in it and there is one on the other side. There is a "bolt" threaded into that one and through the other one with a wing nut and a spring between them. Both have a bit of a taper on one side inside the vise. Basically, if you loosen the nut, the spring pushes them apart and lets it swivel, get it in position and tighten the nut and it holds it in place. I've used the ones like you said without that position lock and they can be a pain. That was one of the selling points for this one. Hopefully it holds up well and doesn't come back to bite me in the xxxx.
  2. Preventing equipment sweat

    I'm betting mine is getting wet again. Almost 60 yesterday, and almost 6 inches of snow today. Supposed to be high 40's and rain tomorrow. If you don't like the weather here, just wait a couple hours.
  3. It followed me home

    I've had good luck with vises in the past up until the last one I bought. Had a good wilton on my bench at my last job. Used to yell at the wannabe pipefitters that didn't have a clue and abused the heck out of it. Hopefully this one will treat me well for a long time.
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thomas Powers Yeah, I can probably salvage something out of it, and it took me 5 years to actually get around to putting lights in there. Don't be getting needy with the covers already. Although in the long run they may be cheaper than the bulbs. Doesn't help that my rafters are only about six and a half feet off the floor, so it doesn't leave much room to hang a shop light from.
  5. It followed me home

    I may use it for center punching or something like that, but I only have to turn around from it and that's where my anvil sits. Very small shop.
  6. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    It was........ interesting..... in my shop today. I got a new vise and got that mounted. Been working on a few scrolls and such for shelf bracket ideas and got some of those done. Made a couple 90 degree bends in some flat stock to be a small "shelf" for my heat runs in the basement. Some of the old supports came loose and the pipe rattles as the boiler warms up now. Then things went downhill. I started another paper towel holder for my daughter who came over and wanted one as soon as she saw it. Got it cut, heated and textured it, rolled the ends and put the bend in it. Heated and textured the top piece, rolled one end, put the first bend in it, and........ 2 inches too short. No material left for the second bend. Measured the main piece, and the same thing..... 2 inches too short. Some fool didn't write down his measurements and apparently doesn't have a good memory so I spent all that time hammering out two pieces of fancy scrap. Then it gets even better. I started to work on another scroll and my handle broke on my small ball peen sending the head up and breaking a bulb in my florescent light over the anvil. So I shut the forge down and spent the rest of the night cleaning glass out of everything. But, here is the couple pieces of my first real attempts at scrolling and the paper towel holder I did finish. And please don't judge the welds. They are only tack welds to hold for looks and I'm actually a bit embarrassed by them. You'd think a guy that used to tig weld pipe could at least make a decent looking tack weld....
  7. It followed me home

    Got this beast today to replace my old (only 6 months old unfortunately) piece of junk that won't close properly anymore. 5inch swivel vise with the pipe jaws too. Major improvement. Compared to the old one.
  8. Preventing equipment sweat

    I ran into that today. Went from the 20s to almost 60 today. Went to the shop and the anvil looked like I just dumped my water pail over it. No heat and dirt floor here too. Going to break out the wd40 I think.
  9. It followed me home

    That is an awesome deal on that saw!
  10. Probably, and that's kind of sickening to me. I can't find a good one in my area and those guys are buying them up to shoot them across the fields.
  11. Frosty's under the Weather

    That nasty flu stuff has been hitting here, and I hope you don't have that. Get better soon!
  12. Building a New forge

    Something I see that I think may be a problem is having your cone inside the box like that. I think it will melt away quite quickly. I'm sure someone with more experience will correct me if I'm wrong soon, but I would pull it back in a bit. Also, the hard brick are durable for the bottom, but aren't as insulating and suck a lot of heat out so you are wasting a lot of gas to heat them on the sides and top. Do you need them there? Can you remove them and still be in your 300 or so cubic inch size? What are your current cubic inches?
  13. another tool from cave man forge

    Nice job Mike. Those are handy for sure. That's a nice bull pin you got there too. I need to get me one of those.
  14. It kind of helps to live in a really small area where word gets around quickly and be a combat pistol instructor and expert class competition pistol shooter. Some kids went up the hollow playing mailbox baseball one night and hit every house along the road except mine. I have mine chained to a wood block, and the block is lag bolted to a steel plate buried in the dirt floor. Someone could still get it with enough effort, but the dog would let me know they were there before they could. Admittedly, an 8 pound miniature pinscher isn't very terrifying, but she is a good alarm.
  15. It followed me home

    That gillette is a great find too. I find a few around, but there aren't many people around here. My collection of about 60 razors (DE's, SE's, and straights) about 22 brushes, and 25(ish) soaps, is like a museum for this area. Most people around don't even know there really is such a thing anymore. I enjoy using them though.