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Interesting item, what is it??

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Well, shoot . . . Anyone can see that's art! Look how beautifully they've captured the tension of our struggle to maintain balance as we ponder the unknowable universe . . .

:confused: Dude... that is SOOO deep..... :D

Looks to me like it might be the worlds largest scroll starter.... just heat up your 1x3 flat, slide it in the slot, a good square blow with the drop hammer and instantly you have a beautiful start to a battleship sized scroll...

Or.... a door stop.

-Aaron @ the SCF
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looks like just a steel drop to me.

I agree. Having ran CNC flame cutting, I saw tons of stuff similar to this in the scrap hopper. Could have been a test cut. OR they were making a sky-hook and thats the drop ;) However, as Jayco said, it would make a good make-shift anvil :) Below is a drop that followed me home just because I thought it was interesting. My wife called it something else!


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mostly it just sits in my shop as a conversation piece and something else to trip over or move out of the way to reach whats behind it, LOL
I have considered welding it to a base plate and call it "art", but I told you what my wife called it;)

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Being an old farm boy from the midwest, I'd have to say that looks like a counter weight for a tractor that we used to use to keep the front end of the tractor on the ground while plowing heavy soils. They were designed to slip on easily. They came in all kinds of shapes. Of course, I've never seen an elevator counter weight, so I could not say if it was not used for this or not.
It certainly looks like a usefull tool in the blacksmith shop!

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