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Death in our extended Family

Steve Sells

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I am forwarding this on behalf of my Friend:

Hello All:

I know I have been more than a bit quiet the last little while, I was dealing with the mess that my ex-wife left when she died this last 12th of February. I am still neck deep in that but I am coming out of it. Only a few more things need to be accomplished and that mess will be dealt with and done...However...

The call that I and my new wife Sue have been dreading to get was received last night. Our newborn son, Dimitrios Ionnes Chrisoulasadides passed away from complications from Mediterranean Thalasemia, a genetic disorder that is not uncommon amongst folks of Mediterranean/Mesopotamian/Asia Minor ancestry.

Born on December 06, 2007 in Las Vegas, he passed on April 10, 2008 at Sunrise Hospital's Newborn ICU unit.. He will be interred in the family cemetery back east. There will be a small family memorial. He is survived by his older twin sisters and his big brother.

Needless to say everyone here is devastated. I just figured that you all should know what was going on. Personally I feel like I am surrounded by death and I feel responsible for his passing. I knew I carried the gene necessary for this to happen but I never thought that my new wife cold possibly have it. It wasn't until after we were together that I found out that she is 1/2 Greek and 1/2 Sicilian.

So I will be "gone" from the list for a little time longer while we deal with another death...

Dr J.P. Hrisoulas, COL NANG (Ret)
Metallographer, Bladesmith, Researcher.
Author: "The Complete Bladesmith"
"The Master Bladesmith"
"The Pattern Welded Blade"

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Jim, my prayers go out for your son, your family and yourself.

Please take extra care when driving or using dangerous equipment as the weight of grief can make one's judgement suspect and we wish to have you around a lot longer.

The net can wait; do what you need to do; we'll still be here.

Thomas Powers

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My Condolensces and Sypathies Dr. Jim. I lost my only son in 1987, and I have never gotten over it fully, time heals, but memories last forever, fortunately one of my daughters married one of my sons best friends and I think of him as a son, and I also seem to befriend and help other young men who are in need of a fatherly or grandfatherly figure. In fact I had a very hard 2 days of it this week with memories, Monday would have been my sons 38th birthday and Tuesday was the 4th Anniversary of my first wifes passing. Those who pass on may be gone, but they live on in the hearts and memories of those who knew them.

Again my deepest sympathy for you and your wife.

Jr. Strasil

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