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Saw blade bowl

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It's not that impressive but I thought it was pretty cool, especially for a beginner project. It was the first time I used a swage block as well.

I found an awesome guy who's been smithing as a hobby for 30+ years and he has an open forge every Sunday. I've been trying to make it out to his shop as much as I can.




sawblade bowl_small.jpg

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I have a stack of old saw blades that I wanted to do this with. If you have a bunch, save the carbide teeth as scrap carbide can run $4-$14 a # depending on the current market.

The manufacturers that got back with me told me that the concrete saw blade bodies are made out of 4140, if you want to try a large bowl.

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The ideas on this site just never stop coming!! I have loads of those blades and never gave them a chance of being used as bowls or, indeed, lampshades. (I only use them to  cut a section out for combs on scrap-art chooks). You would have to grind off the points a bit for safety I guess.

Did you flatten the base a little or add three lugs to stop the bowl rolling?

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When I look at the bowl I see one of my beloved hole saws. I picture making a bowl and hooking it up to a windmill and let the teeth engage a wind chime like a music box. 

A 5' blade would make a party wok!

Frosty The Lucky.

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