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Help me identify the manufacturer please

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This has been split off and put in its own topic.


Hi all. I'm new at blacksmithing so I don't know how to identify anvils by style. I was wondering if you could help me identify one:

It is only about a foot long and I didn't see any markings. 

Also is squared sides or rounded sides more useful in an anvil?





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What you have there is what I would call an anvil shaped object "ASO".  Meaning it's shaped like an anvil but will not function well as one. A real anvil has mass under the face and at least a steel faceplate, which that one is hollow and also probably cast iron. 

It was probably part of an old vise multi tool. 

Please check out this thread to help in identifying what to look for in an anvil. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/48369-anvils-a-beginner-buyers-guide/?tab=comments#comment-505135

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It's not an anvil, it's the end of a multi tool vise and worth less that a plain hunk of scrap steel as an anvil

if you go over to anvilfire.com  slash anvils slash donated_020.php   you will see another one exactly like yours and a good write up on why they are not anvils.

I recall another one posted here as well but the search has not turned it up yet...AHAH!



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22 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Good nut cracker base for sitting next to the fireplace.

My Mousehole filled that function for over twenty years, even when we didn't have a fireplace. The good news is, anvils don't spoil.

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Well they don't spoil fast.....I've seen a couple ruined though immersion or wet soil for over 100 years  My wife needed a nutcracker at my little casita down here so I got here a small slab of 1/2" plate from the scrap pile and a 2 ounce ball peen to use on it.  It sat on her side of the table for most of last year with the hammer sticking out of the mug she puts pens in...

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