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I Forge Iron

New dragon

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No. That's neighboring garage. (I wish it were)

my shop is an old chicken coop 

im gearing up for a makeover though  

I gotta do something about the beard. 

Will improve on next version 

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  I hear you, my shop is an old ramshackle garage.  Last fall I added a huge lean-to onto it though, so now I have plenty of room.  Everythings tin on it or I'd have burned it down long ago.  I wouldnt fare well in a cooop Im afraid.  Im curious, is that wizard from a spike too.

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Had an little bit of time tonight to test concept on new wizardy kinda thingy. 

Made die of roughed out face. 

Not real happy with outcome other than taking advice from frosty on beard. 

Will make new die with smaller nose and no eyes. 

Didn't get to finish as I was called in to dinner by boss. 



His hood looks like a comb-over. Hehe. 

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