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another junker anvil at auction !

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Any info on the size so we can guess at the price before the auction?  My uninformed guess just from photos and guessing the size is that someone will take a shot at about $250 bucks.  Auction fever is biting hard these days.

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21 hours ago, Scrambler82 said:

Looks like a cast iron Vulcan with a worn out steel plate on top and for some reason the base has been welded on, wonder why !

Are you thinking of buying or just watching ?


just watching to see what it sells for..

5 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

I've seen worse...

yes the last ones were considerably worse and now that I look closer, it does look like a strap around the waist.. it looked to be in the 100 + -  lb..  range...

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Sad how an anvil can get to that stage. As it is I would pay $20 and use it as a counterbalance to keep the tension on the mooring line. And I bet you that someone will ask me if I want to sell it ... :)

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15 hours ago, JHCC said:


I'm a bit dizzy after trying to read THAT!!!! :unsure: Easier to listen to the auctioneer than read it! 

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