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Little Giant 25lb hammer

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Seems I have seen $2500 as a common price for a working 25 lb LG.  $5000 sounds high, but depends on the quality of "completely rebuilt".  Either way, don't plan on getting your money back if later you decide to sell, you're pushing the envelope for price.  Oh, wait.......youse in OZ..... maybe prices and availability are different there.

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I don't think I've ever seen one for $5,000.  rthibeau's right--half that's more like it.  Air hammers and mechanical hammers don't behave the same, so if you're considering an air instead, don't expect it to do the same kind of work if you've run a mechanical.  I don't want to start any arguments here, but I personally have never run an air that has even close to the bottom end control that a Little Giant has.  The mechanical can slow way down and just tap.  Self contained hammers don't slow down for anything.  

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"Dorthy I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...."  

5k is a little high for a 25LG, but if you can swing it, and it is a slick running POLITE hammer, it could easily be worth it to you...  A hammer makes a world of difference.  A hammer that runs, beats two in the bush...

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Not sure where you folks have been watching hammer pricing.  Ebay has been crazy for the last 5 years on 25# hammers.  I've seen them sell for as high as 6800$.  For a rebuilt hammer not rebuilt by Sid Suedmeier.

I do know you can call Sid right now if you know his number and get one for around 5K.  Depends on how you want it set up.  I spoke with him less than a week ago and he had 2 available.

Hammerfall if your in KS and it's not a Sid rebuild.  I'd not pay those kinds of prices.

As far as holding their value I'd say yes, Once again depending on who did the rebuild.

If your not familiar with Sid he is the previous owner of Little Giant.  You can still contact LG and they will put you in touch with him.  He is quite aware of hammer pricing and also knows the best rebuilders besides himself.  If you'd like to see what kind of quality your dealing with in the rebuild.


Dave from diller

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