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    High tech. Low tech. Blacksmithing to support a woodworking hobby that's somehow taking a back seat to blacksmithing.
  1. What did you do in the shop today?

    I did some finishing work on the dividers I started on the weekend. I'm impressed at how much the cold work frees up the action to work better - it makes sense, given how much material around the hinge gets filed away. These are good enough for me to use in the shop. I've got another pair set up to finish tomorrow evening, which I think will be a bit better than this one. I've also noticed that I have nowhere near the assortment of files I need to do this properly. Anyone have a decent "set" they can recommend for basic bench work? Flux.
  2. Australia, where even your sack of charcoal wants to kill you.
  3. Late introduction - Flux

    Seems I managed to post a bunch before learning of the community introduction section. I'm Paul Lalonde, and I've recently (re-)started to forge iron. I've gone by Flux online since I found it as a nice available email address some years ago. I played in a forge some 15 years ago, long enough to make some chest hardware, hinges, a few simple locks, and then life intervened. Now I'm back at the anvil and the time off seems to have done a lot to improve my patience and willingness to "do it again, properly." I like doing hardware and fussy stuff - I got into this doing hardware for furniture I was making, and now it's looking like I'm going to be making furniture for the hardware I'm forging :-) Thanks for a great resource! Paul/Flux.
  4. What did you do in the shop today?

    Only a few hours in the shop today. Dropped the workbench 5 inches - it was sized to the previous owner, who has a good 12" on me. That let me move the leg vice there comfortably, which is so much more solid than my previous 4x4 tubing stand. Hacked out a couple more pair of calliper blanks to give me some filing to do the next few evenings. I only just now noticed that I crossed up the pair - that will take another heat to sort out before I can start the finishing.
  5. Blacksmithing books; Which are best?

    For random - I just moved to Kitchener from Victoria, where I really never got my forge properly set up. Glad to have it sorted now :-) Took a class from Sandra last weekend - very good!
  6. Blacksmithing books; Which are best?

    I'm a big fan of Mark Aspery's three volume set. Clear directions, incredible photography, and a nice learning ramp. Doesn't skimp on getting you making your tooling, and gets you through most of what you need for the later chapters. I'll say my chisels, punches, and drifts are much nicer since I started doing them his way. [Edit - and now I understand you might be looking for reading material rather than instructional. I'll still stand by my recommendation.] Flux.
  7. What did you do in the shop today?

    Today was mostly copper - did a workshop with Sandra Dunn here in Kitchener. There was a little bit of obligatory smithing, see if you can spot it. Raised the bowl (I call it Cain), and had to make a stake I could planish it against. A little joiner exercise - I got to play with patina colors a bit. Sandra's a great teacher - 7 of us in the workshop, and we all got piles of well-targeted, well-leveled direction. Flux. Nice, Joe. I love a practical knife. Flux.
  8. Little Giant 25lb hammer

    Beautiful. I'm going to have to track down one of these - just the right size for my garage.
  9. Oddball anvils

    This led me look for the image, and I stumbled across this "Anvils of your dreams" blog site: http://enclumesdereve.canalblog.com Nice stuff.
  10. Oddball anvils

    Nice gothic arches! Where's that pic from?
  11. It followed me home

    Thanks! - I'm looking forward to doing some hammering on it! Tonight, with any luck!
  12. It followed me home

    Now that's music to my lazy ears.
  13. It followed me home

    I dropped by John Newman's shop today with the express purpose of having some pieces follow me home. Here are the three exceptionally badly photographed items that rode back with me. Now for a bit of filling, grinding, and elbow grease application. Any practical advice apart from "file, sand, grind until smooth?" -Flux
  14. How is your rebuild going? flux.
  15. What did you do in the shop today?

    Nice! Now I have to learn to make clusters of grapes!