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Gnome in my shop

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I've been telling you that there is a Gnome that comes into my shop and moves my tools around and sometimes hides them from me.

Well, I set up the game camera and finally got a picture of him to prove it.

I haven't learned his name yet.  Apparently, from the looks of the hinges on the door he has been forging in my shop as well as using my wood working tools.  I wouldn't mind if he needed to use the tools but I do wish that he would put them back where they belong.  If he would come over during the daytime we could even hang out and drink a couple of beers.

Gnome verticle.jpg

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That's the problem with having a resident gnome Wayne. He IS putting tools where they belong he just has a different idea of where that is. Have you tried bribing him? Beer is a good bet though cookies might be his thing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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