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What is the best press to buy under $5K?


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On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 0:56 PM, 78sharpshooter said:

That looks like a GREAT press! I really want to see the 25 ton and its specs. 


Id like a 50 ton hydraulic for here at home ,it be a bit. The perk of where i work ,i get all my materials, parts , trailer part mostly , . All fab is on the go . We have a 100 ton at work so im not the greatest welder but probably still the must trustworthy.  I have a key for weekends or at night  i just write it down as i get it an pay once. Month . 

To have a press air conditioning , id be living it up at night an still sweat my ass off in the day. 

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I plan on picking up the 16 ton, it seems to do the work of many that are rated 25 ton, and after seeing both their 16 and 25 ton units, I will save the money and go with their 16 ton, after I get the Wifes new car paid for, I hate taking out loans for things.

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