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thank you for the ears


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A strip of inner tube folded in half and slit on both halves to slip over the ball works nicely. Any of these tricks is much better than not dropping the handle. Broccoli is good, we eat a lot but it doesn't come with any cool rubber bands.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm not concerned about the noise but rather the bite---I've filed down a few vices where a sharp ridge had been upset from the ball dropping hard.

I have done the same with one of mine when I first got it.

But it is a bit like the horrid sound of a file being slid into a drawer full of other files. When my files were in a drawer I never made that sound. When I started having assistants in the forge I quite quickly made a file rack to prevent that noise.

Having paid for and or restored them all, I am quite gentle on my tools and don't slam them around, so the vice bar rarely drops....And I only had a couple of blood blisters before I learned to keep my fingers out of the nipping point.


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20 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

2"? rubberoid washers that I have to stretch to get over the knob on the vise handle.

 I knew everything was bigger in Texas, Thomas, but 2" garden hose is a bit overkill isn't it?  He He          Dave

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