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Ice Czar

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Considering the little time bubble many of us inhabit as walking talking anachronisms of yesteryear, its quite a contrast to employ this particular format for communication. So how would you rate your computer savy? What are your strong points, and areas of geekdom you might like to improve?

1. Nix evil genius

2. l33t gamer or master CAD

3. was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century

4. Im using a telegraph


guess I'll start
was dragged into the 21st and have been making stedy progress towards evil genius ever since :P
main workstation dual opteron 244s, 4GB of PC2700, multiple RAID 5 arrays, Nvidia Quadro FX3000, Dual 21" CRT with KVMs
Ubuntu, Suse, W2K, Knoppix, VMware, STD
security guru, ex adminmod [H]ard|Forum data storagepower suppliesgeneral software, ex tech pundit [H]ardOCP, Techpowerup

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Whatcha talkin bout!?! Shoot, I'm so far off the beaten path we only have dail up here! I saw one of the neighbors sending up smoke signals yesterday! No speakers, youtube takes WAY too long to load. I can navigate this site varly well, upload pictures, make a spreadsheet (with the help of my wife), and pay some bills on line (WWH).

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OK Ice Czar,

Here's a fifth option for ya...

0. I subscribe to alt.sysadmin.recovery and still read it with /bin/rn


OK, so I'm not quite at 0, but here's my confession of geekdom regardless.

I have been shuffling bits and bytes since 1991, in varying capacities, on IBM's MVS, VM and DOS/VSE, Unisys 2200 and A-Series, HP 1000's and 3000's, various distributions of Linux and BSD, MSDOS, PCDOS and DRDOS, OS/2, just about every version of windows there has been, and for nearly ten years up until 18 months ago, I was a Unix Sysadmin on Solaris and HP-UX.

I know which manpage in Solaris has the hidden joke.
I never got one of these t-shirts, but I wish i did. I understand that sentiment - at depth!
I have a 4 digit slashdot userid.
I know which program in the Solaris codebase is copyright Microsoft, and why.

But no more! I had an opportunity to escape that geekish underworld and I latched onto it.

So I'm here now to say: "Hi everyone, my name's Matt and I'm a recovering Geek."

(Crowd responds with: "Hi Matt!")

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My son got a computer a little over a year ago. He had used one in school a bit, so knew a little about them.
After he got everything set up, he said "DAD! You should try it!"
So I just started by 'pointing and clicking'.
Also had to learn to type............
I only learned what 'copy and paste' really meant.......a few months ago.
And yeah.......we're on 'dial-up',.......out here in the country.
At this point, I don't have any strong points to my 'puter' skills.
I guess I was 'dragged into the 21st century'
I'm not sure I came into the 20th century voluntarily............

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.-- .... .- - .----. ... / .- / -.-. --- -- .--. ..- - . .-. ..--..

Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

Really, I'm not bad with computers, when they work. I can do all the things I need to do (papers, 'net), and can fix minor problems that happen, but when it comes to the big stuff, I have no idea. I've got Atari 2600, Sega Genesis and Master System, and Super Nintendo, and Apple IIgs emulators on my laptop. I perfer the old games to the new for the most part.

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Huh? I can't seem to keep a program on a machine for any length of time before it crashes and needs to be reloaded or disaapears and needs to be reloaded. Sometimes I run out of ammo and need to reload as I work on this stupid thing. Where does that rank me?

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I know just enough to get here, post pics, write a letter, not even all the basic stuff.
Would like to know how to do spreadsheets make a template some kind of way to make simple drawings and schematics.

My kids try to show me stuff at the holidays but they go so fast I can't keep up or remember.

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Well I have a BS in CIS but little pc knowledge always worked on the big boys using UNIX based systems.

When I get home from herding bits all day at an astrophysics research organization I don't want to fool around with the PC. Got linux installed on it but I don't switch distros or do upgrades every weekend like some of my co-workers so I guess I'm more an idiot-savant.

OBTW: the first system I worked on (and old PDP) used a teletype and punched paper tape to hold programs; I remember what a big step up keypunched cards were...

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After going through a virus attack, losing a hard drive, fighting off hackers, upgrading all my software, installing fire-walls, being threatened with being cut-off by my email provider, and a host of other problems...

I have fixed my computer...and NOW it works exactly the way I want it to!


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We still have machines in the field using PDP to drive the machine. It is always fun when they xxxx out.
It is always fun when we install equipment into a shop where you have people that have never been in front of computers in their life.

To answer the poll, I am a 2ish to high 3ish. I had to learn computers quickly when I transfered departments. My AutoCad training was "here is it is, go to it"
I ended up in CAD training a year after I started.

Sink or swim!

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Phil I went to an auction of a nice sized machine shop that had closed overnight in the 70's due to the owner's death and just sat until the 90's. Leftovers in the shop fridge and all.

Unfortunately the roof went in the late 1980's? There was standing water all around the machines and all the high tech punched tape/computer very expensive ones were a pile of rust. Horrifying in a way.

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i started with key punch and was able to write in fortran and cobalt..the first computer was as biug as my house..then i quit and said i aint never touching another one of these till its push a button..20 yrs later..then i got a vic 64, then windows machine ....i have done all kinds of things with these gadgets...these days its mostly comunicate and educate

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lesson 1. the little red glowing switch on the outlet strip is not Fred's on/off switch.
lesson 2. certain keys on the keyboard make Fred smoke. and do weird things.
lesson 3. back to paper and pencil.
lesson 4. 21st century= watching old buck rogers serials with One Eye.
I guess a, b, c, and d mail didn't work.

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