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  1. ha, yes sir you can put that in a hardy hole if the stake end fits. I cant see the hole underneath but I guess it could be a forge hole where the tongs would fit in... JHCC has the best question here for you to answer.....
  2. yup just like I said a stake anvil ....
  3. looks like what they call a stake anvil... almost like a big hardy tool.... what does it weigh??? any other markings on it??? That hole could just be a hole the previous person wanted and drilled into it... looks like it has been used as it is really chamfered...
  4. Larry is famous for his ladels... he is a good guy.. this is in the same style of his ladels and forks....
  5. cool guys thanks for standing by the same anvil and holding the same hammer guys... lets hear some more
  6. Man I will tell ya it is not like riding a bike or tying your shoe... I have been tied up in a real job, so to speak, for 5 years. It was a lucrative period in my life practicing something I have doen for over 35 yrs. Trouble is it has nothing to do with smithing.. So I essentially took a 5-6 yr hiatus away from smithing..do not ever do this... I enjoyed smithing very much and at 1 time I started to get pretty good... Well the corporate world and I do not get along for many reasons..and this distributor decided that they wanted to "close my department" ...ok fine ... see ya! well I started that department and built it into millions of dollars of production. When I got there they had no idea of where the geothermal was what was a geothermal heat pump or anything to do with them at all... So as they say sie la vie.... So it took me about a week to gather my wits and kinda of absorb the shock of not having to get up at 4 am and find my way 60 miles down the road to commute to an office of which I never in my life had to report before... So now this weekend i was able to go out into my workshop and start to forge again... what a mess!! I had to start making hooks again to re learn the basic hammer control .. that come with hrs of practicing... lost the finesse ... forgot how the metal reacts... hard time keeping a fire going... geez it is like I never touched a piece of coal before. I am sure it wont take too long to regain the spot that I left off but I am sure I will need plenty of scrap metal before I make something I could actually sell again... I couldn't make a leaf I couldn't put a point on a piece of 1/8 round to make a scroll... so My advice to anyone who thinks they can always just go back... good luck , take your time and do not let your ego run the show....stay with it!.
  7. good way to put it... its buddy left 4 yrs ago and no one has even visited it. It gotta go tho his wife is really tired of it. I do not use it because I do not have enough time to. I ended up with a regular job these last 5 yrs and I do not have time for anything. I thought about making a project out of it but I know I would never finish it. I think someone could make a nice working piece out of it with out a whole lot of trouble.

  8. thats all the pics I have....

  9. it wont let me in

  10. I think a lot of the guys get bummed when they know the answers to the questions are already all over on the site... a little searching pretty much brings up anything you can ask.... so the lack of energy expended prior to asking a question does not demonstrate one of the qualities of the a blacksmith, the solitary battle for answers. It is like being used...Just one point of view.. the other thing is maybe it is your day in the barrel...ha
  11. I would buy one like it ... maybe a 1/2" too long ...and the pattern in the metal is cool too! as far as the clip goes 3 screws would be right...and if you made it black like the pattern in the Damascus ... That may work ...the stainless is fine tho.... My compliments!!
  12. please remember buzz glahn. he was my friend and my first teacher. he passed today.
  13. thx Johnny reb lol