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  1. I bought a chilli forge more than 10 years ago. Rebuilt it after I welded in it... but it still works great. Getting good heat is important. I think it is important to have a forge that your work fits into. I also keep a coal forge handy for certain purposes. I found nice doesn't work in a forge
  2. I have a 60# small enough to load on the pick up and take to get filled and it gives me about 40 hrs of forging time.
  3. I am down in , Knauers...not far.. if your in Morgantown, Pa
  4. I play guitar and the last 3 strings are the only strings that are not wrapped.... E -B - G are unwound strings the E string usually can be as small as .009... thats pretty slinky... fast lead players will buy something that thin I think you will need a whole lotta strings to get a knife out of them.... The steel used could be a stainless type ... but some do rust if you don't play them often... they do have to be picked up by the pickups which are magnetic. There are so many outr there because they are experimenting what all the different alloys sound like ....usually what the woun
  5. i jave a 60# tank I have a 2 burner chili forge and I run 1 burner most of the time... 40 hrs I like the 60# because I can move it around ...and I am not picking up propane all the time/
  6. Throw them in a pan of vinegar it will dissolve the rust ... use some baking soda and water to clean them off... then you will see overnight or 2 should work
  7. ha, yes sir you can put that in a hardy hole if the stake end fits. I cant see the hole underneath but I guess it could be a forge hole where the tongs would fit in... JHCC has the best question here for you to answer.....
  8. looks like what they call a stake anvil... almost like a big hardy tool.... what does it weigh??? any other markings on it??? That hole could just be a hole the previous person wanted and drilled into it... looks like it has been used as it is really chamfered...
  9. Larry is famous for his ladels... he is a good guy.. this is in the same style of his ladels and forks....
  10. cool guys thanks for standing by the same anvil and holding the same hammer guys... lets hear some more
  11. Man I will tell ya it is not like riding a bike or tying your shoe... I have been tied up in a real job, so to speak, for 5 years. It was a lucrative period in my life practicing something I have doen for over 35 yrs. Trouble is it has nothing to do with smithing.. So I essentially took a 5-6 yr hiatus away from smithing..do not ever do this... I enjoyed smithing very much and at 1 time I started to get pretty good... Well the corporate world and I do not get along for many reasons..and this distributor decided that they wanted to "close my department" ...ok fine ... see ya! well I started tha
  12. good way to put it... its buddy left 4 yrs ago and no one has even visited it. It gotta go tho his wife is really tired of it. I do not use it because I do not have enough time to. I ended up with a regular job these last 5 yrs and I do not have time for anything. I thought about making a project out of it but I know I would never finish it. I think someone could make a nice working piece out of it with out a whole lot of trouble.

  13. thats all the pics I have....

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