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Found this leg vise on CL

Michael Gendron

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Looks to be an old one with the mortis and tenon mount bracket. Looks like the wedge to hold it and the spring was replaced with a large cotter pin but that's not a big deal. Hard to tell the condition of the bolt plate. Any way to find out the condition of the screw? Looks like the jaws have been notched as well. If it's not far check it out and check that it functions and the screw is in good shape and that the jaws meet up.  Take cash and haggle a little based on the condition. If the screw  and box are good there isn't much else that can't be fixed or stop it from working. 

In my opinion I would be interested around that price. 

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I generally buy them incomplete as that lowers the price and making a mounting bracket and spring is a trivial task for a Saturday morning.  What you want to examine carefully is the wear or damage to the screw and screwbox.  Everything else is generally fixable with a welder or forge.  Good price for that area I'd jump on it!

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I had to flip the side with the leg to get it all cause it was so long so that side took 2 dips. And now all the old paint,scale, and rust is gone. Rubbed it down with boiled linseed oil after each part was completed

Thats my temporary tank just a regular storage bin and it has worked awesome so far


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a container with water and some washing soda and 2 electrodes ( make sure they dont touch each other ),

try it with 2 rusty nails, connect one to + and the other to - on a small dc supply, one will have tiny bubbles form on it and the rust will come off this one and will head to the other nail.

this scaled up can derust anvils and it can also be used to age metal and give it deep pitting, try it

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