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  1. I had to flip the side with the leg to get it all cause it was so long so that side took 2 dips. And now all the old paint,scale, and rust is gone. Rubbed it down with boiled linseed oil after each part was completed Thats my temporary tank just a regular storage bin and it has worked awesome so far
  2. Took it apart and dipped it in the etank to remove all the rust and it looks alot better than it did in the previous pictures.
  3. Screw box has a small piece missing but the vise seems to function properly
  4. Its not to far away i will see if i can go check it out today. thanks for info!
  5. Found this vise for $50 on CL he didnt know anything about it and only has this one picture. Does it look to be complete? Its the only one listed right now and want to get it before its gone if it looks to be decent. Craigslist link removed
  6. Im not really sure about the steel, the guy had a smaller forge and blower he sold a few weeks ago and the buyer took all of the stock so i picked through and took what was left. The round cutouts are very thick sheet steel and theres that heavy duty bar the rest is those smaller rods. There was only one forge so if i sell an anvil it will be just the anvil. I did notice it looked like there was grinder/file??? Marks on the edges
  7. The 7 hammers with the concaved face all have a makers mark of V&B
  8. Thanks Im very excited!! now im trying to figure out how/ where to set everything up. Arftist what makes you think the anvil is repaired? I used a small ballpeen hammer and the thing bounced back and hopped all over the place like crazy. Maybe i checked it wrong but its seems to rebound back and ring better than the trenton i got a few days ago.
  9. Well i went down today to look at everything and there were alot of duplicates in the photos. I ended up making a deal with him and took the lot. The pw felt like it had better rebound than the trenton so i guess i will get a ball bearing and test it and keep the better of the 2
  10. I wish i could make it to that meet, this is the first ive ever heard of it.. my girlfriend is working so i have to watch my kids during the day this weekend
  11. Thanks for all the info! im going to get a hold of him and try and get the stuff tomorrow.
  12. I looked through the pictures and it looks as if some of it is duplicates, i will try and find out more when i talk to him. Again thanks for everyones help!
  13. My plans in blacksmithing after i learn the basics and tecniques would be furniture, fixtures, harware, tools.. stuff like that maybe a knife or two. He's selling as a lot so im just trying to see what its worth so i can make an offer and not get hurt on my end
  14. Im not looking to flip anything, im looking at getting into blacksmithing and it looks like i would have everything i need to get started. Just wondering approximate value cause im not sure what anything is worth.