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Game 2 set up


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Okay gang. This is the thread to get set up for Game 2. It'll be named according to choices made here by you and chance.

I have 5 on the player list with a possible 6th. In alphabetical order: Charles Stevens, Darious, Das, Mr. Darknebula and OD Blacksmith.

We won't be playing you guys we're playing fantasy characters you guys are going to invent or roll up now. New name and possible nick name. For instance, Joe Crook Nose, the ex boxer.

Once again this will be a survival scenario maybe, about 3/4 on another island in Prince William Sound because I'm familiar with it. That leaves 1/4 it might be somewhere else. That will depend on your choices in the "neutral zone" OD Blacksmith request #1 Granted. You'll have a game day in Whittier loading gear on a boat either for a job or vacation adventure.

You have 4 choices: #1 is a fishing charter boat. I know you've done this but a LOT of charter fishing is done in PWS. #2 is a hunting trip to Montegue Island, this boat is a sea taxi charter boat. #3 Is a sight seeing party boat. NOT "26 Glacier Tours" Deb and I have done 26 glacier Tours a number of times we take visitors out with them. The one in the game is similar but with an island lunch planned. #4 Is a work boat, you're being dropped to survey for minerals or plants, animals or something. If you don't come up with something cool I will.

That is your first group choice. What is the purpose all of you are sharing this boat and trip. Those are your choices 1-4 the better you flesh them out the better the game. So your assignment is to roll up a character and decide between you which boat you're shoving off into Prince William Sound aboard.

Please ask any questions about how we play this here. Once the game starts That thread is the GAME thread and I'm not going to carry on conversations. Ask here or PM me I may answer.


#1, This is survivable there will be at least one way to survive any situation that arises. Unless you REALLY tick the GM off. Your solution may be better than the survival solution I have in the book. This is NOT to say you can't have your PC do something fatal or something that loses a saving roll.

#2. 1 turn a day. I'm not going to referee individual actions during the day. You can pose them any time during the day and I'll read them but I'll only resolve Action Statements at the end of the day and you get to spend all next day working up another move. Yes? An action Statement can have several parts. If you were to say, I'm going hunting as your days Action Statement I might start rolling a die to see which way you went, what you took, etc. So when you make an Action Statement be reasonably complete. What you do, what you take, any preparations, a partner, etc.

I'll post the results of the day's activities. What you found, caught, built, traded, etc. maybe what chased you and if you survived with the weaponry you carried. Maybe something will appear that's a good thing or maybe chase you into the ocean. I'll be spending the day going over your plans and thinking up fun results.

If you're not looking you won't find it. There won't be many freebies if I can help it.

There are some questions I'll answer via PM. Questions about how the game is played, NOT this game but this type game. The way Thomas asked Steven if he'd allow a certain type magic spell. This is a general operational question. In a universe where magic worked a magic user wouldn't have to ask if a certain type spell worked he'd know. He may not be able to invoke that spell but he'd know if it could be done.

For an example in this universe. Last game a player tried to use a device and tried hard to say why it would work. Had I allowed it to work that would've been the end of the game, rescue would have arrived in about 2 hours tops. So I disallowed it and "broke" the device. I also administered a little fun penalty. I thought he was funnin me and I resolved the actions in kind. The misunderstanding was my fault he's new to RPG and I didn't realize it. Why am I going through this again? Had I established the PM back channel rule he could've just asked my why he couldn't make a call and I could've told him it would end the game.

Is the PM back channel to the GM rule clear? Just ask if it isn't.

You guys can PM each other to your hearts content it's not like I want to listen in on a couple guys taking while tracking parka squirrels. Or discussing who was going to have to taste the new berries you found. There should be a lot of conversation the GM doesn't need to know about. You guys organize yourselves and I decide if what you tried worked, how well and what surprises happened.

Action statements can be involved. For instance two PCs go exploring one carries the water the other carries the food, both carry weapons, one the rope the other a net. You get the idea? If you don't say you have it when you start you don't have it. Well as you explore you say you walk 1/2 mile up the shore and tell me what you're looking for. Maybe flotsam on the beach and features within visibility inland. The next post you say after half an hour you turn inland and explore. half hour later turn back towards shore. reach shore turn right half hour later inland again. You basically describe a search grid. Believe me you will be much more successful with a reasonably detailed action plan

Another example. PC, "I'm making an axe." GM that evening, "With what?" The PC has to tell me the next day and I'll let him know what happens that evening. However if instead the PC said something like, "We need an axe so I search the scrap pile we found for a piece of steel to make one with. If I find one and can get it out I'll brig it back to camp and try forging an axe. Maybe someone will be there to help me and we can haft it tonight around the camp fire." Now that is an action plan one or maybe two people could pull off in one day. They might not end up with a finished axe first try but they're a lot more likely than the first "action plan."

I think that's enough for tonight my eyes are getting gritty and I'm rambling.

Let the plannig begin.

Frostig Den Arbitus.

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NO character sheets a lot of the players last game had never played so I'm keeping it as simple as possible. Just come up with a character to run. This isn't a magic or super universe so just people with their "normal" range of abnormalities.

A mistake I made last game was just having people play as themselves. Without the disconnect of an invented PC people can take things personally too easily. Who cares if Hairless Harold pokes Toby One Eye in his glass eye and breaks a fingernail?

I'll be playing the skipper and mate as NPCs to answer some basic questions like, "How far is the nearest motel?" the Skipper can ask, "How far can you swim?" I wont play them as spoilers or to pull magic rabbits, just to keep things  moving.

One vote for the Hunting Charter. It's in the log matey. Put your chop ere. No no, blood won't be necessary. . . This time. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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If you're IN say so and closes casting for this module with one slot held for Thomas if he wants.

You can be a Druid if you want but unless you can make something made of gold appear next to my computer there's no magic in this universe. A human PC in this world limited special abilities may arise you just never know.

This is 1 vote for a hunting charter in the log book only 4 maybe 5 votes to go. Wait, Darrious said either fishing or hunting charter, another coin flip for the GM. Oh well.

Frostig Den Arbitus.


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Do you have any advice for making a character for us people who are new to this. Just give them a nickname and make them have certain characteristics? Is there any method you recommend to making them? I vote for the work boat. I think the animals that we would be surveying would be interesting as both dangers and potential food.

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I'll solidify my vote with the hunting trip to simplify things. 

@MrDarkNebulah i find the easiest way is to think about how realistic you can get when designing a character. go to a mall and watch people for a bit then decide what factors you like. For example: if we do the hunting trip I would look at making a character like follows:

Name: Brandon Zwicker

Age: 24

Height 6'1 Weight: 210 lbs

Hair: Crew Cut black hair Eyes: Hazel

 Brief Backstory: Brandon grew up on the east coast of Nova Scotia Canada. He inlisted in the Canadian Forces at the age of 20. after 1 year of basic and 2 years of service time working on aircraft at CFB cold Lake he decided on a vacation.

Brandon was able to find an online social gathering that was setting up an unguided hunting trip in Alaska and decided it would be a lot of fun and a chance to get away from civilization for a while. With the click of a mouse and a credit card payment he signed up for the trip and went to the range with his trusty rifles for some final checks.

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That's the basic idea MDN but filling in the details to some degree makes for better play. Read Darrious's basic PC example and ask yourself if you could pretend to be this guy? Gilligan isn't involved at all but if you describe his character it'll give you an outline of how he behaves, reacts, etc. Or Sherlock Holmes is another strong character that's easy to describe and use the description to develop a behavior pattern.

Good example Darrious, thank you. Mall walking is a great way to pick up on body types and interesting quirks. Your example is perfectly acceptable as a PC for the session. IF he's who you want to play flesh him out some. Or I can. ^_^ ( I need an <evil grin> emoticon)

I've been talking to Glenn and he'd like to have us stick closer to the blacksmithing theme the last game session didn't follow very well. Seeing as this might become an IforgeIron section with the goal of being a teaching tool we aren't going to play by a strict RPG rule structure. Folk who've never played will have the chance to learn how to play while doing blacksmith stuff to meet challenges I set or invent on the fly.

Thomas's points are exactly on target for RPG play. After you're aboard the boat or tramping through the bush it will be TOO LATE to plea for equipment you didn't list when you were dropped ashore. IF a hunting trip is the game this time.

Are you playing Thomas?

You won't meet the Skipper and the Deck Hand till you load onto the boat. Nor the receptionist at the: Sea Taxi, Fishing charter, Glacier Tour, etc. office, the barista at the espresso stand in the marina parking lot, or sassy waitress in the cafe. OUT of State guys will fly into Anchorage and take the ARR train to Whittier. Just so you know.

Frostig Den Arbitus.



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I leave Tuesday for my eldest Daughters getting her DVM in northern CO.  I should probably devote my spare time to getting ready for that as we're having a bit of a family reunion as well and as soon as I start packing the cats will hide...I generally budget an hour to catching them for a trip. It's great exercise!

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Ill flesh him out and give you all of the details. Have we decided on the trip style then? I will also make a general list of what he likes to wear and what he has for EDC. again up to you if you want to change anything. that's what inventory assessments post stranding are for lol. 

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52 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

I leave Tuesday for my eldest Daughters getting her DVM in northern CO.  I should probably devote my spare time to getting ready for that as we're having a bit of a family reunion as well and as soon as I start packing the cats will hide...I generally budget an hour to catching them for a trip. It's great exercise!

Sometimes I just don't get people's priorities! Give her my congratulations and a big Frosty hug for me please. An excellently good time to you all.

52 minutes ago, Darious said:

Ill flesh him out and give you all of the details. Have we decided on the trip style then? I will also make a general list of what he likes to wear and what he has for EDC. again up to you if you want to change anything. that's what inventory assessments post stranding are for lol. 

Great, thanks Darrious. It doesn't need the kind of detail a DnD PC needs, just something to hang good play on. So far I think we only have 2 votes, both for hunting trip but the rest haven't reported in. I'm blanking on EDC?

Boy am I going to have fun generating their PCs. <Darn, I need that evil grin emoticon again> Maybe I'll generate the Skipper and Deck Hand for more examples of PCs and pre-stranding equipment lists. Maybe I should do a little more Character generation for my GM persona? It's not like anybody here is familiar with my style of DMing. Heck I'm not familiar with my style of DMing, it's been a couple decades and a TBI since I played.

Where's Charles? CHARLES, where's your PC?

Frostig Den Arbitus.

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5 minutes ago, Frosty said:

I'm blanking on EDC?


Every Day Carry. for example you'd be hard pressed to find me without my Paracord survival bracelet, S&W Tanto HRK folding knife, and Original S.W.A.T combat boots (Which have the laces swapped with paracord). 

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Every Day Carry, DUH! Frostig slaps himself in the forehead.

Still have 2 for hunting 0 for other options. Casting Charles?

Sounds like Thomas wants to GM. I'm for it I'll generate a PC!

Frostig Den Arbitus. Grand Pubah of this week's module.

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I'm having trouble finding the time to actually focus on a character. Figures, one week I'm sitting around, next I'm running around with a thousand different projects going on. Hopefully I can get a break to think about it a lil. Most I really thought of was a name at work today lol. I'm not good at not being me so maybe I'll just go with close to me for characteristics. Add in a few things. Just don't beat me up too bad if I don't know exact terminology and I'm not familiar with anything up your way Frosty. Most north I've been was Maine when I was a lil kid. 

I'm going to go with a hunting trip as well. Sounds like that would be fun. 

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This isn't science Das it's a really casual bit of make believe. Keep it simple Darrious's example is just about perfect.



Height weight

Hair, eye colors.

Brief back story. Say occupation and hobby, reason for trip. Here's a bit of backstory for you based on not knowing anything about Alaska. (you don't need to use but may if you wish, modify as you like)

You won a trip to Alaska in local charity lottery. As part of the prize you got outfitted with outdoor gear.

If you come up with a personality trait GREAT if not be you or somebody like you or somebody you'd like to see get eaten by a walrus.

Keep it simple, it's not some kind of test it's supposed to be fun.

Here are a couple of examples of characters I'll be running as Game Master..

The NPCs running the boat.

Skipper =  Hardon. Lee. A retired Navy Coxswain with engineer training (machinist mate)

5'10" 175lbs.  Rd. Bl. Wiry, quick moving and dexterous. Loud, he's been talking over machinery for decades and his hearing isn't great.

Owner operator, Dahlia B. a 42' fiberglass cabin cruiser.


Deck Hand = Aaron Walker.  Registered guide, mechanic and general roust about hand.

6'1" 215lbs. drty blnd, br. very strong, distance runner.

Been working during season so long he's a defacto partner in the operation.


5 hours ago, Michael Cochran said:

I'm not gonna play this time. I was just goofing when I mentioned my Druid lol. I actually have more fun watchin than I do playin these games. I might give it try some other time.

I didn't think you were really going to try playing a Druid character but what the hey a new age "druid" could've made for a fun game. but if you want to poop out . . . w e l l O-K-A-Y. May your mistletoe be forever wilted. :P

5 hours ago, MrDarkNebulah said:

So do you want us to post our characters and equipment stuff here?

Yes please. A character name at minimum. Gear would be good too but I'll make necessary adjustments so don't worry about getting it perfect. We're just playing a game.

Frostig Den Arbitus.


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