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  1. Brandon explains as best he can to Dave, "Have you ever seen the movie Armageddon? Where they land at the wrong spot on the asteroid and none of the instruments or anything they have works because they are on an iron plate? well as near as we can tell that is this island. None of our emergency transmitters or compasses or anything work. That being said we don't know when a rescue will find us. In the meantime we have very limited tools or anything else to work with. That boat gives us an opportunity for metal we can use to build what we need to work with."
  2. For the rest of his Afternoon Brandon is going to be gathering up the recommended roots and branches to weave the cordage and Coracle. "Dave, Since you have your shovel handy are you interested in helping me dig some roots? Be easier then digging with rocks and sticks that's for sure." Brandon tries to stay relatively close to camp and always keeps his spear within easy reach.
  3. Brandon Looks over at Clinton, "I'm not the most familiar with how to build a coracle but it should work. Would we be able to weave the willow branches to make it? We could also weave the willow branches into a thick cord... Maybe as big around as my forearm to attach to the Coracle and be able to pull it back to safety if needed. We could have two people on the shoreline monitoring the travel, tides, and waves. The rest of us can put on the float suits and PFD's and try to head out. minus someone to keep an eye on Aaron of course. Clinton can you walk us through making one?"
  4. Brandon sighs as he settles down at camp. "I think from here on out we need to focus on that wreck. It might give us our best chance at some decent equipment. I'm at a loss on how to get to it easily. We could build a raft and have it tethered on a long woven cord to the beach while we pole it out? Anyone have any other ideas?"
  5. Brandon unconsciously shifts his grip on his spear and turns the tip on the newcomer before catching himself and lowering it slightly. "I must be losing my edge, I must admit usually people can't get that close to me without me seeing them." Brandon holds out his empty right hand to shake, shifting his spear to his left hand. I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. As my friend here told you we are in very much the same situation. I can't say much for the others but I'll give you my welcome and say another hand to help with the camp work is always welcome. We are hoping to flag down some search teams in the near future and get ourselves off this god forsaken rock. Do you have a camp or anything near by? With that Brandon leads the way back to the camp for the noon (ish) meeting. They would have to come up with a new plan for including Dave into the work. Brandon would talk it over with Clinton.
  6. Good idea max with the life jacket. Brandon wants to check the trap line before he goes to the beach to make sure food is available when they get back. "Let's wait until I can scout around the wreck further before making a plan how to reach it. I want to look into the area around it.Max can help with that. What I'm looking for is how the rocks and bottom are resting. Where sure footing is. Where the tidal pools and strong eddies are. I need to know any large boulders around it and on the shoreline parallel to it." Brandon has a few ideas but wants to wait before sharing them. So Bruno is tending camp with Aaron. Brandon and Max are checking the trap line then going to the beach to search. That leaves Clinton and Ben. As group three. "Clinton do you think you can check the area for a large peak that's accessible? If we can set a signal high enough it has a better chance of being seen. Maybe we can get a better view of the land around and find something of value to us."
  7. Brandon agrees to go to the water as well. But firstnfornthe mornings work. "OK guys order of events for today. We need to get the water system prepped for the camp. Defenses aren't looking to bad but we still need better weapons. Let's make sure we all have something and know how to use it before we leave camp this morning. Next a team needs to comb the water. Nobody goes near the water alone. If someone gets swept in do not try to dive in for him. That is the fastest way to get crushed to pulp. Reach out a pole and if the person is lucky enough he may be able to grab it. Make sure to watch out for rogue waves. Best place to have a chance at shell fish is inside the tidal pools. May even be able to score something bigger. Check between the rocks that may have jammed items between them. Anything metal is gold here. Grab it and bring it away from the tide line." Brandon checked the info they had found out on the tides to determine how much time they had between tides. We will be careful to monitor when the tide starts to come back in. We also need someone to make sure our supply of berries and tea is stocked up. When that is finished we need to stock up on firewood and get some for branches to start building some insulating wind blocks.
  8. (Just got a new tablet,should make replies easier.) Brandon is spending the night helping Clinton break a bit more camp. Unfortunately he doesn't have any shovels so he's digging with sticks and stones and whatever else seemed to work. As he's going Brandon is sharpening stakes and sticking them into the ground at least a half foot to stabilize them. That should keep the animals at bay for a while until they came up with something more permanent. Not that he wanted this ordeal to be anything resembling permanent. "OK guys we need a bit more of a concrete plan going into tomorrow. First let's make sure everyone has some kind of knife and a longer weapon. I don't care if its a 3 foot stick to use as a club. Quarter staffs are good as well. Try to fire harden them. It will make them more durable. Tomorrow when we get up I'll check the trap line and see about more food store. We need to get a better system for water inside the camp. Clinton can you come up with some ideas. Can anyone come up with an idea for a raft that we can pole out to that raft? Also we may be able to place a beacon out on the ship if we can get to it. Give me your guys' feedback."
  9. Once they get back Brandon has no issues explaining what they found at the ship wreck. After that and hearing what everyone else has to say Brandon decides to help getting the camp defended. Last thing they needed was a hungry bear looking for an easy meal and smelling fresh meat on the fire. The trench and stakes was a good place to start
  10. Brandon considers everything that has been said and done and reviews the days counting back from the wreck. “How many days was the overall trip scheduled for?” Looking at the timeline they had three options for help coming so far. A: one of the distress beacons and/or radio messages was received as the ship was destroyed on that first eventful night. B: They Missed a Scheduled call in and a search team would be sent to where they were “supposed to be” and realise they weren’t there. After that chances are coast guard would be called in. or C: They were stuck here until the trip was scheduled to be over and, when they didn’t show up back at port, a team goes looking. That brought him down to the current moment. Judging by how the electronics and compasses were working they had a little bit of information. They were standing on either a giant magnet, or a solid island of Iron infused rock. Brandon made a note to watch the cliffs and check for rust run off out of the ground water. The traps will be good until the evening when they can be checked again and reset. Brandon makes preparations to go down to the beach with the others. He cuts an 8 foot springy pole to take with him. While the others head to the wreck he was going to check the rocks closer to the tide line to see if any equipment or supplies got jammed. The pole was so that he had a chance if he started to get bogged in the sand and muck. Anyone want to help him out with it?
  11. As they walk the trap line Brandon helps Bruno to try and relax a bit. When he sees the print left by the trap thief Brandon asks Bruno to sketch it in his book, maybe someone back at camp would be able to identify it. The Marmot was a great catch for the team and the roast porcupine did not taste as bad as Brandon thought it would. Overall he was in good spirits. When they reach the second porcupine it seems that things are ok for at least a bit. Brandon watches as Bruno Clubs the Porcupine then using the butt end of his spear shows Bruno how you can roll the porcupine partially onto its back and using a knife shear away some of the quills at the base around the front leg. This gives a nice hold for carrying it. They will keep the rest of the quills as they make really good options for fishing and other things. When Brandon heard the crashing in the woods he dropped the porcupine and readied his spear. His body shot with Adrenaline, he bent his knees slightly to lower his center of gravity and widened his stance. His eyes combed the surroundings watching and waiting. When he saw the deer and bear rush past he relaxed slightly. Man how he wished he had a bow right now. After all was said and done they returned back to the camp and explained the adventure to Clinton. Maybe he would recognize the tracks. Meanwhile Brandon was wracking his brain for ideas on how to make a two or three layer trap to catch the creature.
  12. the one test that made me mad was cutting the phone book pages. I mean you could have some of the sharpest blades out there and they still wouldn't fully cut that book like that!
  13. Looks like im not the only one constantly screaming at the tv over this show. My fiance has picked up my moaning mantra now about all the people trying to do the cable and forge welding. "Weld the **** ends shut before you hammer the **** out of it!"
  14. Brandon wakes up seeing the condition of the weather thoroughly checks over his warm weather gear and clothing. A cup of tea helps to ward off the cold and the work putting up the shelter stirred his blood and woke him up more. After that was done Brandon prepped for the hike with Bruno. Brandon grabbed a stout branch and sharpened the end into a spike. A few minutes and the fire and it was hardened into a nice functional spear head for temporary use, and doubled as a walking stick. “I don’t have much experience using a sling but I have made a few out of basket woven paracord” Brandon replies when asked. “Maybe tonight I will use some of what I have left and make a good one. Personally I much prefer a Bow and some arrows. Someone get me a make shift plane and one of these fir tree branches might make a decent bow with a few days work.” Before they leave Brandon sits down with Bruno and helps him to check his footwear looking for holes and making sure they are close enough fitting for lots of hiking. A blister may not be much to start but out in the woods without proper covers and they can be the bane of a hiker’s existence. Using a clear patch of dirt and a stick Brandon draws out a rough diagram and briefly describes his trap line and the best plan and angle for checking the traps without disturbing them. Stuffing a pocket with packets of peanut butter they were ready to go. The plan was to be back at camp at approximately noon to touch base with everyone else. Then head back out. After giving the “Den Mother” a brief description of where they were going and the direction of travel Brandon started out. While traveling he kept his eyes peeled for anything that might be useful to the camp.
  15. Brandon set tension, Basic, Lifting, and whip snares as well as leg locks and dead-fall traps. 5 to 10 of each spread out over the span of approximately 2 kilometers.(1.2 miles) After getting back to the camp and hearing what everyone has to say Brandon volunteers to be in charge of procuring what food he can. "I will need some better equipment if anyone is able to craft some. A decent bow and some arrows would be nice. Finding one of the rifle cases would be even better. Slings and spears will work temporarily but I would not want to get caught by any larger animals with nothing but a makeshift spear." Brandon stops to think for a moment. "I'll need someone to partner up with me for a while and help. that way we can stop going out alone." While everyone was settling in Brandon Volunteers to take first watch again. He makes sure there is enough firewood close by to keep the fire going throughout the night. Given an uneventful night Brandon started making plans for better equipment and the possibility of some flame cooked rabbit. Hopefully someone was a better cook then he was.
  16. Judging by the post about the Hemlock I believe we are at this location ( "Another is farther from the edge and up Fjord a little ways, it's smooth and flat but a little steeper it surrounded by larger trees and denser stands of willow and alder with a couple stands of Mtn. Hemlock") After a day of setting traps and snares Brandon makes his way back towards the camp that Clinten said he was going to be setting up. He keeps his eyes out for straight branches that can be used for arrows and some decent wood to make a bow. Though he is expecting to have to wait until he has some kind of tools to make it.
  17. "Ill go with you guys" Brandon Says to Clinten. "That way I can set the line closer to the base camp and in a more sheltered area. they are more likely to have game trails." As they are walking Brandon sharpens a series of 8 ish inch stakes from smaller branches to use in leg lock traps. Those would possible be able to get some larger game for them. once in the area Brandon looks for game trails and once finding the best spot possible starts to set op his trap line" He alternates setting the snares up between tension, Basic, Lifting, and whip snares to maximize the potential to catch game. HE also sets deadfalls and Leg Locks. He is baiting the traps with what berries he can find. This will take most of the rest of his day
  18. Its a little hard to tell in the picture. Has your tang been flattened or is it stock? just wondering how you plan on putting a handle on it. Overall blade looks like it has a nicely defined edge. even if it wasn't the design you had in mind
  19. Brandon asks Aaron for tips about walking and estimating the tidal lines in the northern side of the planet. Back in Nova Scotia he could use the suction sound in the marshes and muck to help determine the water levels. he wasn't sure if the same held true here. Going out to that beached boat was definitely a good idea if they could possibly reach it. the salvage would. help. "Id like to go monitor the area around the boat from a distance to check to see if it is accessible. But first some more sustainable food is in order." Brandon grabs the snares and his knife to make some dead-fall traps. then heads away from the camp to a few likely areas to set them. On the way he gathers up a few small piles of berries to bait them with.
  20. Brandon agrees to head out with Max and places the water at his back as he heads away from the water line. Brandon is searching for higher ground with a better view point and better protection from the elements. Every 50 feet or so he places a mark on a tree with his knife to show which direction he is travelling. The orange tape isn't a bad idea but it is a good idea to try and conserve it as well. "Chances are we can't trust the compass readings. if there is enough metal in the ground to disrupt the beacon readings then the compass will be useless."
  21. Dangle them over the forge and hit em with a hammer a few times. they generally tend to listen after that. on the more realistic side of things. Hopefully everything will look up for you sooner rather then later
  22. Brandon watched as Aaron sipped his tea then laid back to sleep. His mind drifted over long distances and too many good people who went out to sea. He could feel the touches of mental fatigue and lethargy pulling at him and shook his head to fight it off. He took the opportunity to adjust the fire so it burnt much lower and slower. “We should take the night in shifts to make sure the fire is kept controlled and no wildlife causes any issues. I’ll volunteer to go first.” Brandon Settled for a cup of the same tea mixed with fresh spruce needles to enhance the vitamin C and Beta-carotene and stripped out of his outer layers to dry. While waiting he took out his knife and grabbed a branch for some constructive whittling. Hopefully he could get a decent fork and spoon shape out of it to lightly fire harden.
  23. In the meantime until you can upload pictures why don't you provide us with some basic information: Do you know what the original use for the metal was? Do you know if it is food grade? does it flake, peel, or have a different color/material underneath the coating? (If it is coated) These can help guide us to the right questions to determine that it is safe to use. Generally if your unsure it is always safer to err on the side of caution and just get something that you can be 100% certain of the material. Chances are if you are using it as the frame of a forge then it will potentially heat up and release fumes if it is Zinc.
  24. Nice to see you aboard and very well done. there does seem to be too few Canadians active on the boards.
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