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  1. I was reading through the "burners 101" thread and saw that you were able to find an online copy of Mike's book to download.  I was searching for it online and was unable to find it.  Would you please share that link with me?

  2. Brandon explains as best he can to Dave, "Have you ever seen the movie Armageddon? Where they land at the wrong spot on the asteroid and none of the instruments or anything they have works because they are on an iron plate? well as near as we can tell that is this island. None of our emergency transmitters or compasses or anything work. That being said we don't know when a rescue will find us. In the meantime we have very limited tools or anything else to work with. That boat gives us an opportunity for metal we can use to build what we need to work with."
  3. For the rest of his Afternoon Brandon is going to be gathering up the recommended roots and branches to weave the cordage and Coracle. "Dave, Since you have your shovel handy are you interested in helping me dig some roots? Be easier then digging with rocks and sticks that's for sure." Brandon tries to stay relatively close to camp and always keeps his spear within easy reach.
  4. Brandon Looks over at Clinton, "I'm not the most familiar with how to build a coracle but it should work. Would we be able to weave the willow branches to make it? We could also weave the willow branches into a thick cord... Maybe as big around as my forearm to attach to the Coracle and be able to pull it back to safety if needed. We could have two people on the shoreline monitoring the travel, tides, and waves. The rest of us can put on the float suits and PFD's and try to head out. minus someone to keep an eye on Aaron of course. Clinton can you walk us through making one?"
  5. Brandon sighs as he settles down at camp. "I think from here on out we need to focus on that wreck. It might give us our best chance at some decent equipment. I'm at a loss on how to get to it easily. We could build a raft and have it tethered on a long woven cord to the beach while we pole it out? Anyone have any other ideas?"
  6. Brandon unconsciously shifts his grip on his spear and turns the tip on the newcomer before catching himself and lowering it slightly. "I must be losing my edge, I must admit usually people can't get that close to me without me seeing them." Brandon holds out his empty right hand to shake, shifting his spear to his left hand. I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. As my friend here told you we are in very much the same situation. I can't say much for the others but I'll give you my welcome and say another hand to help with the camp work is always welcome. We are hoping to flag d
  7. Good idea max with the life jacket. Brandon wants to check the trap line before he goes to the beach to make sure food is available when they get back. "Let's wait until I can scout around the wreck further before making a plan how to reach it. I want to look into the area around it.Max can help with that. What I'm looking for is how the rocks and bottom are resting. Where sure footing is. Where the tidal pools and strong eddies are. I need to know any large boulders around it and on the shoreline parallel to it." Brandon has a few ideas but wants to wait before sharing them. S
  8. Brandon agrees to go to the water as well. But firstnfornthe mornings work. "OK guys order of events for today. We need to get the water system prepped for the camp. Defenses aren't looking to bad but we still need better weapons. Let's make sure we all have something and know how to use it before we leave camp this morning. Next a team needs to comb the water. Nobody goes near the water alone. If someone gets swept in do not try to dive in for him. That is the fastest way to get crushed to pulp. Reach out a pole and if the person is lucky enough he may be able to grab it. Make sure
  9. (Just got a new tablet,should make replies easier.) Brandon is spending the night helping Clinton break a bit more camp. Unfortunately he doesn't have any shovels so he's digging with sticks and stones and whatever else seemed to work. As he's going Brandon is sharpening stakes and sticking them into the ground at least a half foot to stabilize them. That should keep the animals at bay for a while until they came up with something more permanent. Not that he wanted this ordeal to be anything resembling permanent. "OK guys we need a bit more of a concrete plan going into tomorr
  10. Once they get back Brandon has no issues explaining what they found at the ship wreck. After that and hearing what everyone else has to say Brandon decides to help getting the camp defended. Last thing they needed was a hungry bear looking for an easy meal and smelling fresh meat on the fire. The trench and stakes was a good place to start
  11. Brandon considers everything that has been said and done and reviews the days counting back from the wreck. “How many days was the overall trip scheduled for?” Looking at the timeline they had three options for help coming so far. A: one of the distress beacons and/or radio messages was received as the ship was destroyed on that first eventful night. B: They Missed a Scheduled call in and a search team would be sent to where they were “supposed to be” and realise they weren’t there. After that chances are coast guard would be called in. or C: They were stuck here until the trip was scheduled
  12. As they walk the trap line Brandon helps Bruno to try and relax a bit. When he sees the print left by the trap thief Brandon asks Bruno to sketch it in his book, maybe someone back at camp would be able to identify it. The Marmot was a great catch for the team and the roast porcupine did not taste as bad as Brandon thought it would. Overall he was in good spirits. When they reach the second porcupine it seems that things are ok for at least a bit. Brandon watches as Bruno Clubs the Porcupine then using the butt end of his spear shows Bruno how you can roll the porcupine partially onto it
  13. the one test that made me mad was cutting the phone book pages. I mean you could have some of the sharpest blades out there and they still wouldn't fully cut that book like that!
  14. Looks like im not the only one constantly screaming at the tv over this show. My fiance has picked up my moaning mantra now about all the people trying to do the cable and forge welding. "Weld the **** ends shut before you hammer the **** out of it!"
  15. Brandon wakes up seeing the condition of the weather thoroughly checks over his warm weather gear and clothing. A cup of tea helps to ward off the cold and the work putting up the shelter stirred his blood and woke him up more. After that was done Brandon prepped for the hike with Bruno. Brandon grabbed a stout branch and sharpened the end into a spike. A few minutes and the fire and it was hardened into a nice functional spear head for temporary use, and doubled as a walking stick. “I don’t have much experience using a sling but I have made a few out of basket woven paracord” Bra
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