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I Forge Iron

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Hello everyone!

My name is Alex and I'm from Russia.

Decided to share with you my hobby and hope it will appeal to numerous audience of the forum.By profession I am an aspiring 3D artist and sculptor. In the past, worked on the restoration, but not hooked. Looking for yourself. As a hobby I'm interested in the era of industrial revolution in all its manifestations. A revolution in design which reflects the everyday life of a bygone age.

And so. Once I got the idea to make some scale models as a gift to my friend the blacksmith. I decided to collect miniature blacksmith workshop for him. The goal was to make it manufacturable. Power hammer, a forge, a vise, a pair of machines. I gathered information and started to work. After some time everything was ready and I handed the gift to a friend. The model turned out to be mildly inaccurate, but he was happy. Now the diorama is in his office and pleased many customers.

After that I decided to make some money. To combine business with pleasure. I have silicone molds I could make some models. Little Giant, star hammer, and others. They were flawed and I didn't like it. After some time I decided to repeat, but this time meticulously studying the details. Watched a lot of photos, translated forums and articles. With zero knowledge of English it was not easy, but in the end, I was pleased with the result.

For today I made a miniature power hammer little giant 25,50 and 100 lb. on a scale of 1:16. Plans such as hammers, kerrihard, champion, beaudry, the correct version of star hammer. The problem is that I know little about them. Due to this fact I decided to contact you. Maybe someone of you has information about these models. Any size, photo. Maybe someone of you has these models in his forge. I will be grateful for any help. I would really like to have a complete collection.

Please ask your questions if you have any. Sorry for the confusion of the message and for possible errors. It is not easy to speak another language and even more difficult to correctly Express their thoughts. I'm gonna upload some photos of their old and new works.

Also link to Facebook and the page on eBay.

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Thank you for your attention and thank you in advance those who will respond.



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On 03.04.2016 at 6:24 AM, Frosty said:

Those are beautiful models. The shop, "manufactury" is even rusty though most wouldn't have a steam boiler without a steam hammer.

Your English is fine, better than some native speakers.

Frosty The Lucky.

Hi Frosty!

Thank you for rating. Steam boiler I did for the other machines. Wanted to put a shaft on lathe and drilling machines from the steam engine. But never finished. Steam hammer in my working scale is too large. When I get to O and HO scales then by all means make it.

They weren't supposed to be rusty in the end.  Was convenient for me to cover them with paint before molding with silicone. So they look whole, and you can see where the mistakes and what to fix.To be honest, I love rust. I hope that the Smiths will not destroy me after these words:)



On 03.04.2016 at 6:19 PM, Klorinth said:

Beautiful work.

Thanks Klorinth :)


On 03.04.2016 at 4:50 PM, PVF Al said:

Hi Alexey, Very nice work. Thanks for sharing. I need one of your hammers to go in my miniature shop. These pieces fit in an area 10" deep x14" wide.image.thumb.jpg.e7f0d545d56d2aee40d47792

Hi Al! I will answer your e-mail.

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13 hours ago, lloe01 said:

I have a Star 50lb power hammer and that hammer you made is awesome!

Cool. But my 50 lb was simulated on the eye. For the basis I only had a few sizes. Maybe you have some good photos of your hammer?At the last attempt I tried to guide advertisement booklet, but I didn't work out. I will be much obliged.



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On 05.04.2016 at 1:53 AM, lloe01 said:

 if there is anything specific you need let me know and I will take pictures for you.

Thank you very much. I have a few good photos from eBay. I think I will need just the size of some parts . I'll count up what I lack and I'll write closer to the weekend. Thanks again!

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