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  1. Anything with a twist. They're attention span is really short.
  2. Slices of steel pipe make nice bending mandrels.
  3. Hot rolled starts off with more scale because of the finishing process. Cold rolled starts off cleaner and closer to tolerance. I believe they are the same after that. I may be wrong but that's what I've been told.
  4. That turned out very nice. I've always wanted to make one.
  5. The first material sounds like wrought iron. You need to work it much hotter that mild steel. Don't hammer it when it gets into the red colors. The large curved teeth are probably HC steel. They should make decent tools with proper heat treating.
  6. I like and make a variation of this knife. I do not however give them any historical designation. They are easier to make than a handled knife and the handle never gets loose. Of course, the larger the knife the more material involved but for small table sized knives they don't take much material at all. I wish there was historical provenance for them but I guess you can't have everything.
  7. Don't forget books. They are the most useful tools for the solo blacksmith. Most of the ideas shown above are in books.
  8. I love my Fontanini. I would buy it again tomorrow. It's well worth the money. It will outlast my grandchildren.
  9. I love my Fontanini. It is worth every odd job I did to get it.
  10. I feel that If I let a false statement stand them I am supporting it, within reason. Kind of like the story of the broken anvils in the South after the Civil War. There is no proof, it's just a story. As well as the story of burning down a cabin to recover the nails. It just doesn't make sense. If someone calls me a smithy, it doesn't hurt my feelings. They are just using the wrong terminology. (sic)
  11. That's pretty cool. I may have to make one for myself.
  12. It should work. I've used a propane torch. Try it and let us know.
  13. When I really need to get things done, I listen to Kenny Wayne Sheppard. Other times I'll listen to just about anything. I really hate commercials, so it's the MP3 now.
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