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  1. Wow, that spreader would make pretty deadly quick work of anyone who accidentally got in its way.
  2. Get the cable, too! Make Damascus with it. That cable sells for about $10 per foot of 1-inch thick cable.
  3. Take a picture of it with the horn pointing to the right. in the center of the side should be a diamond shape and the word Trenton or Trexton
  4. I was a computer software tester for AWACS between '82 and '85. I clocked over 900 hours in the simulator. 552nd AWACS
  5. That is a nice hammer. Dave makes some awesome hammers! Congrats
  6. if there is anything specific you need let me know and I will take pictures for you.
  7. 38221 - Looks to be between 1922-23 according to page 273 of "Anvils in America" by R. A. Postman
  8. So you took four and turned them into three? I know you all wanted to ask this That actually is pretty neat. I never thought about taking something like that and aging it. Kewl!
  9. Dang, looks like a mix of Little Giant, Murray and Star!
  10. 36 files of differing sizes, 10" length of small rail, 3 pair of tongs, 2 chisels, box of sander belts and one long spike. $60
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