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Thoughts for our friends in Texas


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Seems that there are weather events everywhere that are causing heartache and tragedy.

Prayers and thoughts to the people of Texas dealing with horrific tornadoes. And the folks suffering in England with unprecedented flooding in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Here in Australia we are dealing with cyclonic rain in the Territory causing evacuations of towns like Daly River, while in the south, 150 homes have been consumed by bushfires around Adelaide.

I hope wherever you're spending the Christmas holiday period, you are safe and well, and let's think about those who are not so fortunate at this time.

Best wishes to our Texas members facing some challenging times.

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Just talked with my daughter in MO, west of St L. a town near her Union is flooded and cut off, her mining company had to close yesterday when the water came over the road, no idea when she will get back to work or what they will find, here is hoping they reopen!  Mother Nature is Mad this year. 

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59 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

She is fighting a nasty infection called humanity

As we have paved over all the soaking-in ground and built houses on all the flood plains I tend to agree!

We spent Christmas in Ilkley and it was marooned for a couple of days...the connecting roads run alongside the river.

Luckily we were staying in a house on Panorama Drive, which as the name suggests, is high enough up onto the moor to have extensive views...and keep your feet dry. The view below us of the town, flooded water meadows and stationary traffic was impressive however.



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