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Christmas Projects

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For some reason(I don't know why), I've been thinking about making Christmas tree 'outlines' in 1/4 inch square stock. Sort of like a Christmas tree cookie cutter.....except for ornaments and possibly wind chimes.

Of course, now I've got to figure out HOW to make it!

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my brothers getting a lump of coal in his stocking..
I've made a knife I was thinking of giving someone, but I think it's to xxxx nice to give away :D
I usually make flower's and the like for the women in my family, but I'm desperatly trying to get good at forge welding to make some nifty little pendants.
my uncle will probably get a chisel or knife..
my little cousin is a blackbelt.. (4th grader so she practically bought her belt.. but no biggy) and is into japanese sword arts.. but weilds a large tanto or wakazashi instead of a katana because of her size..
the're cheapo practice blades so I thought it'd be cool to make a nice hamon'd tanto..

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I'm making everyone on my list a paint can opener ( just a stocking stuffer). My wife needed one, I couldn't find ours and I made one. Stock: 1/4 rd, 8 in. length. Spread one end in a small tapered fan and give it a slight curl on the horn. I've been just making a circle on the other end, but you could make a fancier hook. You could make the hanger end a bottle opener too, for the guys.

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I need more time to make all the things I want to make for family and friends,
My father does wood work and I do the iron work, togather we are making a toy box for my granddaughter, also a few things for a friend, leaf keyring, scorpion from a lag bolt,
maybe a nut cracker, or a belt buckle, any suggestions will help & be apprieciated,
Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!!!

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Thought I would add some stuff I am giving for Christmas. Being that Sarah and I are both teachers we are trying to give a "hand forged Christmas" to as many as possible. Besides I get in some practice and doing stuff...

A flesh/tasting fork...my first one.

My first fireplace set for a family member...
P10100031.JPG P10100042.JPG P10100051.JPG

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More stuff...

These are a few candle holders for my parents, grandma, aunt, and sister...

This is a trade item for the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild's meeting in December....its a candle holder. It was my attempt at being artistic when I am not an artist...

I am working on more stuff....but my holiday break ran out.

Thanks Mike for helping me get all this done.
(He is a very patient teacher...!!!)


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