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  1. I didn't see mention of whether you are using coal or gas. I believe, if gas, adjust your flame, if coal, change your placement in the fire.
  2. I've used the heat tape for maybe 10 years now, same anvil, no ill effects. No magnetic transfer and cheaper (using less electricity) than the iron, and safer, no critter damage (puppies)
  3. tbrforge

    lathe table

    is this a hobby lathe? if the machine is going to be torqued heavy then build as massive heavy base as you can, wood will absorb vibration better, but is subject to twisting more than metal. I don't too often make shop equipment for looks, its what is on hand and the application.
  4. I have always purchased coke from Ed Avolio, good freight rates excellent product.
  5. .0003 shaft oversize +/- .0001 warm bearing, some have plastic retainers. Hydraulic force onto shaft. When I do valve seats I go for .0008 interference fit. No real reason for such a tight fit for bearing to shaft
  6. dampen both edges that receive the Gorilla glue. I am a firm believer in screwing and gluing for my woodworking projects.
  7. Nice work Stretch especially the church candelabra
  8. can't tell dimensionally what the base is but it looks like very thick square stock to begin with, having said that I remember a Steve Kayne quote "upsetting can be very upsetting" Forge weld a collar and work to the triangular shape is how I would approach it. It also seems unlikely that the scroll is of the parent stock. One would need to feel it to imitate its construction but there have been enough suggestions put forth to start trying to duplicate it. Thats how we get better, do something even though we have barely an idea how it was done!
  9. One evening with some none too sober smiths ended up with an arm wrestlin contest only for xxxxs and grins they put up some hot coals on each side. It was a long contest believe me!
  10. the use of lenses to generate heat is not of practical use to a smith because of the focal point. The size of the lense that would be required to have a focal point large enough, well I am not a math guy but I do know that the focal point is the crucial factor. Sounds like a good one for the myth busters eh?
  11. I ran, programmed, and fixed an industrial laser for 15 years. One time a gentleman came in requesting joist plates and tie in plates. The project involved me turning his drawing (sketch) into contiguous geometry, then into cnc code. Got the job done, very curvy and good looking. Shipped them, next day the customer called and said they looked too good! Could we distress them? (Much to the chagrin of all involved with the project) We brought them back in and proceeded to beat the xxxx out of them and made the customer very happy. Was the fly press used for texturing also or just for the acute cuts? Your work is beautiful!
  12. to MJ, most times I use a certified gage block to check my mic. not the other way around. The gage blocks are sent off for certification once a year. Hey hey, an ISO 9000 blacksmith!
  13. the desire for that first forge should not compromise safety. Anything but galvanized! You can drink all the milk you want, you may stop heaving your guts out but the damage is not neutralized by the milk just a symptom is relieved. Used a large truck rim for several years. Then went to a welded firepot. Even a car rim would be better. Get rid of the galvanized....