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  1. I've made a scrolled base from the stem. Drilled a hole in a rock. Mounted one in a piece of cool driftwood. That one didn't last long.
  2. Ya know what's wrong with those?..... They ain't mine! LOL nicce job
  3. Ya done good nice idea to use a treadmill motor. I think a motor setup like that would do well in a tumbler application as well.
  4. Will be watching your build with great interest as I am about to start my own. Good luck with your build and post lots of pictures.
  5. I love this! Consider this idea stolen!
  6. Done a lot of time and motion studies of the stuff I make to sell at craft shows. Knowing exactly how long an item takes to manufacture is a good base to start with. If you are doing production work you can produce an item quicker when you are doing a bunch at once. My shop rate is $60 an hour. I figure the materials and the shop rate and THEN mark up a modest profit margin. I know exactly how long an item takes, how much material it uses, and what the market will bear. Sometimes an item will sell for much more than time and materials. I will ask and get that higher price to make up for the it
  7. Hi, Did you get to finish that bakers rack? Any pics? Thanks, Vance

  8. I have a 1923 Trenton Anvil, 175 lbs. The anvil is in decent shape and needs a good home. I live just south of Ft Worth Texas. It would be prudent if it were picked up as the weight is greater than most shippers will handle without huge increases in shipping costs. Selling price $400.00. You can PM me with any questions or offers. The Little Giant power hammer and the Trenton anvil have sold.
  9. I purchased a Saltfork Craftsmen Swage Block. I use it at least once a week but often more. I use it on every leaf and candlecup I produce. I have built it it's own stand and can move it out of the way when needed. But I can't imagine my shop without it now.
  10. This is kinda different, but i think it applies to this thread. I am gonna have to have surgery here real soon and so I had to end my craft show season early this year. But I still needed a way to generate some income. So I rented a booth at a local mini mall. Here are some pics of my initial set up there. I bought the glass case at a local pawn shop and built the stand it is sitting on.
  11. JWB, Man that's awesome!!! You can really tell you went to a lot of time, trouble and expense to make your rig look great. Thanks a lot! Now have to work just THAT much harder! Honestlt though that is a realy nice looking booth. jj2k
  12. Christmas is coming????????????? LOL This year I am building my wife a bakers rack. I'll post pics when it is finished. Others in the family are getting inventory leftovers. No since paying tax on stuff I can give a way. (grin)
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