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  1. I picked up a vise grip a while back at a flea market, I think it has Jessie's name stamped on it. Definitely the most well made vice grip I have or have seen. Wonder if it was USA made?
  2. Condolences to the Sarver family. I saw a post go by on facebook and was floored. Had to follow up and see what happen. Met him at a conference, bought a few tools.. It was easy to respect his knowledge and love of the craft. He was a great asset. Rest In Peace.
  3. OK.. Anvil Trivia.. My wonderful new anvil looks like a Trenton, has an hourglass indent in the bottom, a casting seem down the middle front of the base below the waist only, on the front left foot are the markings "M156" (only the M is sideways) and the front right foot is stamped "A61041". Whats my story? Anyone got Postman's book handy?
  4. Yeah, I was hoping that Grant would pop in Isn't a lot of cold rolled 1018? I thought that mild hot rolled tended to run with a little more carbon in it...
  5. I've spent a lot of time thinking about building a similar tool as this one I just found for sale online: Marker I noticed that the description says not to use cold rolled stock with this tool. Why not? I like working with cold rolled, and I know a lot of talented smiths that do as well. Why wouldn't it work with cold rolled? Thanks, Jim
  6. My understanding is that the flattened out portion is what acts as a spring.
  7. Here is a link to the story online, which has imbedded video. The video shows the shirt. http://www.wcsh6.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=113817&catid=2 There is a good chance the smith is Adriaan Gerber, an instructor at the school.
  8. Nice Jed. I did this a while ago, and it came out looking very similar to yours, though I did a different pattern with filed in lines instead of drilled in spots. It was great fun. I carried it in my pocket for weeks. It was nice to show it off when folks asked what I did 'blacksmithing'. Anyway, some where a long the way I lost it. I hope someone got a kick out of finding it!
  9. We pulled a hundred or so out of our house (1890s) when we re-did the windows. I lined a path that gets particularly muddy with them. They make OK stepping stones :P
  10. Hey thanks Bill. I really appreciate it. Hopewell sounded like a pretty neat place. With such a long history too it. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it and its neat to hear that it had a good influence on you!

  11. I've forged a hanger for the shower head in our old bathroom. I left on a very thick coat of beeswax, and used it as is. It never rusted in over the year and a half we used it. Left it at the house, and haven't heard anything from the new folks about it.
  12. Nice work! I especially like the coat hanger.
  13. Hope she liked it! Looks good from here :)
  14. I just did the same, as I've been wanting to for a while. RegionalChaos is now know as Blacksmith Jim. Thanks!
  15. Grant, Yes, in that sense I guess I mean cooling, not quenching.. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. Patrick has some great advice there. I've made and used a few punches from h13 and love it. I wish I had more. I think I have only had to dress my slot punch up once. I have however in the past water quenched my h13 punches during usage. What I've done in the past is quenched them after hitting them 6 times or so, instead of the typical 3 times like with a coil spring made tool. Is this a bad practice? I haven't had any problems with it yet..
  17. Looks great! A better setup then my current home shop, that's for sure. I love the side blast forges, yours looks very similar to mine. Good luck, and happy forgin!
  18. Dang that things a real beauty! Good luck with the move and install and everything!
  19. Beautiful! I can see why this would be such a fun job. It looks great, well done!
  20. Thanks for the link Jr, such a fun film to enjoy. The shop was really amazing. I liked how quite all the machines were.. Also, that guy was surprisingly strong! Didn't really flinch swinging those 6x6 beams around. Holy cow! Hope I'm still that strong at his age.
  21. There are a number of rail supply houses online.. Like this site: Railroad Track Material - turnouts, switches, switch points, railroad spikes, relay rails So you could (or could have, as far as anyone knows) buy your spikes, rail, etc from them.
  22. Ya just gotta heat the anvil up so it doesn't suck the heat out of the piece your working.
  23. Oh man, I love side blast forges. Simply amazing. I've always been able to do what ever I wanted in a side blast. Can't say the same for a bottom blast. The problem for me with bottom blast forges is typically the fire pot. It's limiting. You have to size your metal so it will actually fit in the darn thing. Side blast I've always found accommodating. I brit friend of mine welded up the tuyere for me.
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