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Yost forged steel bench vise?


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Greetings Bike,


I have been called a man of many vices..   Have you ever worked on a leg vise?  You must take into consideration the depth of what you can put in the vise...  Bench mounted style units are limited to the distance to the table top..  Also many units like these have aggressive jaws that are cross hatched and mark metal very quickly .   I can't see where there is a price advantage..  You can pick up a great leg vise for a couple of hundred..  Check out EBay for reference.. I hope this helps you..  Just my 2c



Forge on and make beautiful things


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If you plan to use this vice while forging you will be very dissapointed. If you simply need a good vise to forge with you would save a great deal of money buying a used leg vise. For 200 you could buy a very nice leg vise used that will last many years. The price of a new leg vise is very high compared to the many used leg vices on the market in the USA. This type of vise will brake under normal forge work

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SearchTempest is your friend on Craig's List.


There are several dealers in anvils and post vises on Craig's List. I can vouch for the two in Denver, NC and Pageland, SC. They do this for a living, so no steals, just fair market prices. You can go to them, and look over the merchandise in stock.


You can also sometimes find them listed by others on CL, and they do show up regularly at flea markets and junk dealers.

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anyone familiar with these?


any positive or negative experiences? 

Looks like a 1/2 price alternative to a new leg-vise.  Just need to weld up a vise-stand for it.




Unlike most machinist's vises which are cast iron, you likely can do some heavy hammering on the Yost without breaking it. I had one in my collection once, it was a good machinist's vise. 


Truly though, you need both, since they perform different tasks. 

As a biker, I am sure you wouldn't want to trade your big sled for an enduro because it can perform two separate tasks, but neither of them well, would you? 


From what I can remember, machinists vises are cheap in your area. Get one, and then find a leg vice with at least 4" wide jaws, but preferably 4 1/2, or 5". Of course if you can find a larger one, all the better, but the cost starts to skyrocket above 5" jaw width. For some reason there are still lots of leg vises available used. Find a decent one, and it will outlast you, and likely some of your descendants. 


I can't imagine buying a new leg vise. 

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I use searchtempest all the time, and I've rarely been disappointed.  You have to be willing to wait, and you might have to take a bit of a drive, but you'll always find what you're looking for.


Of course, the downside to buying a vise for $150 today is that as soon as you do, you'll find out your buddy's had one in his garage for the last hundred years and would give it to you for free just to get it out of the way.  Happens all the time! :D

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Well mr cook in Denver had a fine pair of vises and many anvils, hammers, and tongs as well. I bought an old rusty vise with good jaws and threads along with a handled hot cut and farrier shoe tongs for a relative bargain price. About an hour with the wire brush and the vise was rust free, cleaned, lubed, and BLT-ed. Looks great. Next project is a vise stand.

I took half the neighborhood with me and everyone said they enjoyed talking to him. He showed off a few ball bearing steel knives and other projects. Very nice guy. Maybe a few new smiths in the making.

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in case you have not noticed there is a major design difference between a bench vise:, where its only to hold things; and a leg vise which while holding also directs the downward pressures to the ground and away form the screw. they are not the same thing.


Having said that your referance photo is a very good bench vise.

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