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Railroad thermite welding

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chemically it should be pretty close to nil unless they have included some kind of admixture to their recipe. the process i am familiar with is just a redox reaction shifting oxygen atoms from iron oxide (labratory grade rust) onto atomized aluminum, leaving you with pure iron and aluminum oxide in the slag.

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Note that wrought iron is a composite characterized by the presence of silicate spicules, up to over 100,000 per sq inch!

So you could have the exact same chemical content for an alloy and it still would NOT be wrought iron without the silicate spicules, (Though I think it would be quite difficult to get that much silica into a straight alloy steel...)

Some of the sprues from thermite welding will harden---by personal experience and the dendritic pattern of the coarse crystallization can be interesting. Anybody know if they have enough carbide formers to thermocycle them and see how close to wootz you can get?

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I got to cad weld a few large transformers last week, This is not the Fe AlO2 mix, becauise we want a copper based residue to weld the copper wire to the steel beams. The electrinic ignitor and fuses were left at another job site many miles away, so I had to do it the hard way... lol I had fun.

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