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FBI agent's backup blade


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Got this in the mail today, heading to the customer. He's an FBI agent who wanted a backup knife to wear on his left side. He liked the looks of my personal EDC work knife and wanted something similar in shape with a spray-on truck bedliner handle like it has, something I haven't done in a while. The steel is 5160.




The Kydex sheath and MOLLE lock are set up for left-side carry.



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Almost no law enforcement officer in their right mind will ever use a knife in a fight. Rule # 1 of a knife fight: Everybody gets cut.

But every officer needs to carry a knife. There are countless times when a good knife is needed. That knife looks great and will serve him well. Nice job!

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His comment when we were discussing design was that he always carried a small fixed blade on his weak side in case he needed to get a bad guy off of his strong side weapon. He's carried a Becker Necker for such but wanted a custom for his remaining years in the service.

Bigfootnampa - I'd think that the suit would be a lot more uncomfortable than the sheath! At any rate, he approved. :)

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Ooh! I didn't know you could get bedliner in a rattle can! I love the stuff, my tumbler is lined inside with it, it prevents wear and quiets it down lots. I found that batch in a gallon can and used a roller, left a TEXTURED surface that really helps stuff tumble.

As for not bringing a knife to a gunfight. What's important isn't so much what you bring as much as what you can lay hands on in time and what you finish it with. Within about 25' a knife is more dangerous than a pistol unless it's drawn and aimed. My preference for a knife fight is a baseball bat but that's just me. <grin>

Good looking knife, not my style but looks good none the less. Excellent backup in a tight spot.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Late entry here, but couldn't help reaching out - Great looking knife! 


As a former LEO I can assure you that many officers pack all the weapons they can.  Take a look at a policemans belt, many have somekind of spray, taser, ASP/baton, auto pistol with lotsa bullets, flashlight that doubles as a striking tool and somewhere there is a knife.  They carry folders, neckers, and whatever they can.  For the last decade or two major police departments have taught the 21' rule.  Many tests have shown that an assailant within 21' of an officer can get close enough to touch the officer in less than 2 seconds.  That allows the assailant to use the hand, knife, stick or the ever handy bottle to strike.  Once the movement starts the officer has the count of two (and he is starting late) to make his own move, put a weapon in the hand and decide how to use it.  Try it some time - it happens kinda quick!  Most times officers go for their shooter.  Most officer knives are used for support work like cutting and prying.  In any case, anything that you need and don't have is just wishful thinking. 


I think your design and handle treatment are a great marriage of style and functionality coupled with cost saving.  I would be proud to carry your knife on either side!



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Being a current LEO I feel i have some weight in the knife discussion. Yes what most of you are saying is right, A knife has sooo many uses while working. But saying that a knife is a great backup, I am only allowed to carry one sidearm, unlike a fair few other countries that carry at least 2 pistols. I wanted a quick draw knife, that was concealable, nothing I liked on the market so I did a bit of RnD. The idea of this design is if someone is going for your gun and you are fighting to keep it in the holster, this quick draw knife can be deployed with your left hand and cut the wrist of the attacking person. Law enforcement is all about having options and being able to try and do everything you can before you are forced to pull the trigger, which is why I carry around 12 Kg of uniform and equipment each shift, to provide options.


If still a very nice blade you came up with and I am sure the guy will be happy with it.

Here is the design I came up with, It sits behind my ammunition pouch, made of 5160, It is more of a concept piece so not finished too well and the sheath is a bit of PVC pipe, blade is held in place with a hole drilled in the blade and the PVC pushed into this hole, Works great.


Granted this blade is more designed for front line work then the FBI, tried to attach pics,not working, its the one in my avatar

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