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    I finished my first real knife in February of 2012 and have been addicted ever since. Most of my knives are stock removal with a hefty share of forged blades. I am completely addicted to forging my wife thinks I'm crazy! I normally spend about 20 hours a week knife making and general blacksmithing.

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  1. Maybe it's not that people are stupid, it's that people all over the world are truly miss informed. It wasn't until I got into knife making and read the safety threads here that I realized the dangers of zinc coatings. I have been a body man for 13 years and have welded a lot of galvanized body parts. Did they teach us the dangers if zinc in school? Nope!!! Practically every car made is galvanized and they are being welded every day by people that don't know the dangers of metal poisoning.
  2. I would love a big anvil, here in sask most of them are around 100lbs.
  3. Sparky, that anvil is in really nice shape. Don't worry about it at all. Or... Actually it's terrible and you should let Rob take it ;)
  4. Looks darn good, I'd grab it if the price is fair.
  5. Ahh yeah now I think I have dropped the hay buddon idea. The photos of the Samson you shared have changed my mind.
  6. Thanks for the info man! I appreciate it.
  7. That's most likely the problem or perhaps not properly normalizing and then quenching a little hotter then it should be. I lost a couple forging a from W1 that way.
  8. Could it be an air hardening steel maybe?
  9. GoldenBear, that is a very nice hey buddon anvil you've got!
  10. Darn I wish I would have noticed my little typo before the edit option went away lol. Basher, your work is really nice. got it for ya
  11. Very relaxing video, thanks for sharing it. Your work is top notch!
  12. Not to sure what happened to the picture I had uploaded but I have the knife finished now. I do all my forum posting on my phone and can't upload to the site directly so photobucket is my only option. what happened is you posted off site and it got lost. sorry we can not help you I chopped up a 2x6 and it shaved quite well after that. I might make the cutting edge a little finer but we will see.
  13. I can't believe you haven't seen one like that being that you have so many anvils lol. I've only recently got hooked on anvils and have had the chance to buy quite a few with broken heels. I bought a 100 pound anvil with a broken heel for $7.50 and a 220 pound attwood's with the heel ready to fall off for $100.
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