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  1. Hi Rhett, I saw a post you made about forging a hack knife for collecting pine resin. Unfortunately, the photos would not show up on this post. Could you please send me the photos of your knife somehow? I live in North FL and work for a local museum blacksmithing a few days a month and I'd really like to forge one of these for our demonstrations. Thanks!

    1. Rhettbarnhart


      I'm sorry I don't have the pictures anymore


  2. here is mine for some reason I cant put on a link,i will try again later
  3. Yeah dsw I'm the same way,I find beauty in vises :D
  4. Rhettbarnhart

    Filing vise

    Good things come to those who wait!!This will be my 5th vise so far....I went to an auction today and was pretty sad when I was outbid on a smith and Wesson .357.Everything went high all day(used stuff for new price)finally at the end of the day when most people had left this vise came up I was the only one to bid and got this little jewel for 20$!The vise is made by the American scale company and has 3in jaws at 40lbs btw the vise is sitting beside a 8lb Wilton BASH sledge hammer for size comparison. I forgot to mention that it needs new jaws which I will make next week
  5. Ok,first please don't take the suggestions about not lining a cast iron rivet forge!!When I first got my rivet forge,I clayed it.After reading people's posts about claying not being necessary I just took the clay out,bad idea!!The forge cracked soon after while I was starting my forge fire,no,I didn't pour on water or do anything to crack the pan other then start a fire! admanfrd,this is a cast iron forge and most people don't know how to properly weld cast iron(including me)brazing is definitely a better option imo.
  6. Thanks for the compliments guys,I'm thinking about building one for my teacher...the crack will be fine as long as it doesn't spread
  7. I wanted a different slag hammer from all the Lincoln hammers so I made one from coil spring,here it is. Btw I got done forging and found the spring had a surface crack,I went ahead and finished and I will hope it doesn't spread. Comments and critique welcome
  8. Sorry Alec,that doesn't look like a fisher,maybe a brooks type shape but not fisher IMO
  9. Nice clean work as usual Mackenzie
  10. I have an anvil that looks the same as the second,fisher type mounting lugs and a cast iron body,but the face is extremely soft and beat up.I don't think mine is a fisher I think it is something like this that was made to look like a fisher...I would pass on both.
  11. keep watching craigslist something better will come up,i recently bought a 200lb anvil in nice shape for 300$.That anvil has been on craigslist for a long time and I doubt he will sell it
  12. Thanks for the help Geoff what Is a typical length for a tomahawk head?
  13. Here is my second axe,first try at a tomahawk.I have a question about the handle;I drifted the eye with a teardrop drift,from the top of the tomahawk.How do I wedge the handle in the tomahawk body?Right now I just slide it up the handle as far as it will go and use it like that,but I don't think that is right. Comments and critique welcome