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Super Duper Quench and it’s Free!


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With all these threads on quenches lately I thought I would share with the member the super duper, super hardening quench I discovered while trying to save some money on kitty litter.

I got to thinking that there must be something that I could do with cat urine and save on litter. So I built a small platform for my cat’s litter box and drilled a small hole in the bottom. I painted the bottom of the box to look like litter so the cats still scratch before they go. I collect the urine in a bottle under the box.

After about 2 years of collecting the fruits of my idea, I had enough to fill my slack tub. You can imagine how surprised I was when I was able to harden A36 to Rockwell 62 by quenching in of all things, cat urine.

There is one problem though. It smells worse than coal smoke but I get around that with a cover on the tub and turning on my exhaust fan when I quench.

It may even work with dog urine but I haven’t tried that as I no longer have a dog.

Depending on the number of cats you have you could be using super duper quench in the year 2014!

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Funny you should mention this but in "The Best of the Hammer" there is record of an experiment a fellow did trying to replicate a possible early plating process which was said to use camel urine reduced in an iron pot. Not having access to camels he made a similar cat litter box but used plain sand and collected the urine. Reduced it in a sealed iron pot and was able to get cyanide compounds that were able to dissolve the gold leaf he had making the original process a definite possibility!

The urine quenching I have done was using the exhaust bath of a traditional indigo dye vat based on 5 gallons of urine.

Had such an amusing smell when hot steel hits it!

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