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  1. Sure looks like a dandy business opportunity for some enterprising Australian smith!
  2. Please accept our apologies, but this detail has now changed due to insurance requirements.
  3. Please review and pass on: http://www.knifepurveyor.com/browse/stolen.aspx Thank you.
  4. I'd settle for folk using the proper term"diffusion" instead of the popular term"migration." But we can at least glean from context what meaning is intended, so I guess we'll just have to live with linguistic imperfection.
  5. If "one dimension of the cube is longer" then it is not a cube. You want references? Principles of Heat Treatment of Steel by Krauss. Principles of Heat Treatment by Gossman. Mechanical Metallurgy by Dieter.
  6. HORSE HOCKEY!! What part of "body centered tetroganal" do you not understand, Mr. Stells?
  7. Works for metal cutting lathes too. Must be a CL thing...
  8. Didn't Naz do a shrink fit w/ mixed media a while back?
  9. Rehearing five or six time to get the piece right-side-right on the anvil will result in backward-ness or upside-down-ism.
  10. A jack-stand? I wonder if my young friend could indeed hold up a corner of a vehicle... We'll have to try that.
  11. Respirators are all well and good, but protective gear should always be the last line of defense. It should be a suppliment to - never a replacement for - what are called "engineering controls." Examples include the exhaust systems described in this thread.
  12. Some of us still feel this forum should be about helping and supporting each other. Others will offer up different feelings. I just hope your pliers turn out to your liking.
  13. The bolster is indeed an official blacksmith tool. So is any other tool used by a smith. :)
  14. Donald Streeter's book: Professional Smithing.
  15. Linkey workie fine. Pressy button harder and holdie mouthi jes righty.
  16. Actually, our Mentoring Center session are on the fourth Saturday. The hands-on and open forge are members-only (liability...) but you can watch the demos as a guest of a member. And yeah, we're pretty spiffy! Our website is blacksmith.org.
  17. I respectfully disagree with the magnitude of this claim. Not only will my striker alter his impact angle at need, but he will fetch a beer when asked.
  18. I don't know anything about video games, but at our NWBA conferences, we often have real blacksmith competitions. In the past we've had: "threading the needle" where one tapers one end of a bar and punches the other, then threads the taper through the hole. Three-heat limit plus time limit. Most length through wins. contest to see who can make the biggest diameter spoon blank from standard stock "Ironwood Derby" was like the Boyscouts Pinewood Derby, but with steel instead of pinewood, and a five pound limit instead of a five ounce limit. This coming April will be the hammer making contest (already in progress - will be judged at the conference) and there's been word of a tong-making contest on-site.
  19. Give a description of your anvil to all your local scrap buyers as well as any blacksmith associations in your area. May they drop it on their unprotected feet!
  20. Looks like it might be handy for crimping loop sleeves on smaller wire rope. I've no clue what it's proper use is.
  21. A good explanation of the American single split phase system may be found here: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_2/chpt_10/1.html
  22. ...because the round cubes are just plain funny-lookin'
  23. Good plan! Take your time and learn each step well.
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