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mick maxen

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Here are 5 paperweights I made recently, all using mosaic pattern welded steel. The size of the faces range from about 1.5" to 1.25".
These were made as square bars of patterned steel then squished under a press to give them a more organic shape.

As you can see there are two pairs. The centre one is a combination of the two, using the same bars with some added layers to give the cross pattern.




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beautiful work mick - what tactile looking objects, before youve even checked the patterns... !! i think, biggun, a paperweight is just an excuse for an otherwise unjustifyable gorgeous object, for those that worry about having something just cos they love it :)

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Thanks for all the kind words about my work.

Mitch, the steels I used for these are 15N20, which is the shiny steel and 20C which is just a high carbon spring steel.

Matto, bench sized pieces are a bit out of my league as well. I think it was Achim Wirtz and a couple of other people who got together and made the worlds largest damascus billet. I have tried to find some info on it, but failed. From memory the billet was something like 2.5 tons and was brought up to a welding heat over the course of two days. All this was done in a steel factory in Germany using their equipment.

Beth, these are very tactile. The photos only show the top face with the pattern, but the base is etched as well. So you can follow the lines from the face around the sides and see that they match up with the pattern on the base.


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Hey Mick,

Awesome looking paper weights!

What about a larger "laptop weight" ? HA!!!

Your mention of the massive billet intruiged me a bit, here is what I was able to dig up.


The link in the thread linked to above was dead so I went to the wayback machine.


Unfortunatly it didn't capture the pictures, but it did capture the text.

Just curious, what is your normal selling price for those paper weights?

Caleb Ramsby

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