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Prayers Needed for Mom


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Hello Everyone, Mom went in for basic tests and they found she had colon problems, a kink and a perferation in her colon. First she was rushed over to ER for scans and more tests, then She had to have emergency surgery to repair the two problems. By God's Grace there was a specialist surgeon and they had her the in OR at 8:30 pm and in recovery at 10:30. She is in Icu Ccu as she starts the recovery.
It is amazing how quickly life can change, but also just as amazing how God had mom in the right place at right time with all the specialists ready to go that afternoon and night. Wife, Myself and rest of family are just in awe of God's providence.
Praying for a full recovery and no complications.
Thanks Everyone
Tim Cook

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I am so pleased to hear how blessed your situation has unfolded.

Many times during episodes of uncertainty and pain, doubt tends to acquire our focus.
Prayer helps us to change our focus back to the “answer” for healing that we so desperately desire for our self or others.
While recovering I believe it is wise to consider the following verses Psalms 46. And Philippians 4:8

We feel privileged that we are able to add our prayers along with yours and the others.

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I want to say a big thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.
Mom is out of Critical Care Unit and realy on the mend.
God has blessed her with his healing and we are very thankful. After 8 days of rough times she is
now in a rehab area/subaccute care and again doing well.
Thanks again
Tim Cook

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I have read all of the posts in this thread, and especially your last post.
It gave me reason to ponder about the outcomes we receive after we pray.

At times such as this our attention is drawn to what is most important in our lives. Because then we realize how fragile life actually is. Without flinching, something inside of us compels us to reach out with boldness and ask for help in prayer.

And then after our initial interaction, I firmly believe that we should water
and nurture our prayer requests with prayers of thanksgiving that continue and never cease, regardless of what we comprehend.

Again, I gratefully add my prayers of thanksgiving with you and yours, and this community.

I believe I can speak for all who have responded by posting on this thread and also for those who did not post, but responded quietly, when I say; “Please give Your Mother our greetings and best wishes for a speedy recovery”
Ted Throckmorton

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Jeff: I thought I responded to your prayer request when you made it but I must've hit return rather than post. You're all on the prayer list here.

Ted: Prayer works, I'm living proof. I still have the letter you sent me, it's sitting on the side table by my recliner, I read it again day before yesterday.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Well Folks I am very blessed and Happy to report Mom was released today from from subaccute care/rehab. She will finishing getting stronger at home..where she will be the happiest!!! I say thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who where so kind to offer up prayers and concerns. As Frosty and Ted said, Prayers really do work and it is amazing to have seen God's hand in Mom's healling up so well.
The misses and I visited with her yesterday and she was just so execited to back home, eat real food, get stronger and back to work!!! Just amazing.
Ted Thank you for the kind and caring words. I believe all prayers are incomplete unless "watered & nurtured" accompanied with prayers of praise and thanksgiving for His goodness.
Thank you all Again
Tim and Anna Marie

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