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I Forge Iron

I'm a winner!

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It is it times like this that make me wonder why the blazes do I bother fiddling with steel when there are people like you out there who can do it so much better.

Congratulations, thanks for putting up these pictures and showing hacks like me how it should be done.

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You are no doubt a “WINNER”

You would not have to make a speech or say anything at all;
“Your work says it all”.
What I see in the photos looks outstanding to me.
You are a credit to the Metal Arts Craft.

You have no doubt invested your valuable time, study, money, sweat, stress, and paid the price of attempting to keep your priorities balanced properly in life to develop your skills.

I say the above based on my experience only!
In my younger days, I may have physically left my shop at night, but my mind stayed in the shop to some degree 24/7.

You obviously know the route to take to get to where you are at this point with your skills.
The icing on the cake would be for you to provide direction for someone else who has a like mind as yours was when you first got started.
That way your knowledge and skills will continue beyond your days.

I wish you the very best in all that you do.
Ted Throckmorton

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