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How much life does his screw have left?


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The title says it all! I've found a 6-inch vise, but I'm wondering, how much life does the screw have left in it? The wear is pretty noticeable but does this thing have another 50 years?

Is it practicle to rebuild the worn down threads with mig weld and then file finish?


(It is a set of two vises for a pretty good deal!)

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I've got one in similar condition and it's lasted about 20 years - they have to get pretty thin before there is much risk of breakage when tightened. Keep it well greased and clean of scale; letting it go dry is the biggest killer. It also helps to oil both sides of the washer under the handle swell so the whole assembly has less friction.

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The owner has, so far seemed very honest, replying quickly to my questions, and sending four pictures of the screw when I asked him about the condition. He said the screw works smoothly in and out. The boxes look good on the outside.
The screw pictured goes to the six inch vise. There is also a 5.25-inch vise that has a brand new looking screw. Both vises are in great condition overall, from the pictures.

He wants $100 plus shipping. I was thinking I might be able to get both for $200 tops. Seems like a good deal to me.....but only if the screw is useable. Sounds like it might be.

I figured rebuilding would be a bit of a pain and didn't think about the box being in similar shape to the screws.

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Just a thought and please don't think of me as being sacriligious for this, but could you cut off the head of the screw and weld it on the other end thereby taking advantage of what was the trailing edge of the thread ???

That takes us back to "what is the condition of the box?"

These are fairly sizable vises, the price isn't bad. You can see about depot pickup from a LTL carrier like Yellow or R&L as a possible means to save cost.

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Well, I priced shipping and the cheapest thing I could find was $250. WAY too much for me to pay on top of the $100 the guy wants for the vises.

If anyone is in Iowa within driving distance, these look like a good deal.


I wish they could come home to me, but I can't afford to pay $350 for the two of them.

Thanks for all of the help! As usual, the combined knowledge of the membership of this forum has proven a great source of assistance.

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It's the largest annual blacksmiths conference in the United states; held in western Ohio usually the last full weekend in September. *Anyone* who signs up for the conference can tailgate for no added fee so a lot of folks put out a table or a tarp or a tailgate and "clean the shop" making for often great deals---and with searching some *very* *great* deals*

Whenever I can I drive from NM with a 22 year old PU with no cruise control or airconditioning.

Over the last few years I have gotten a 6" post vise for $50 in good shape, a set of Ti tongs for $10, a 200+ year old postvise for $20, Ti, 1095, H13, 4 different types of refractory, books, lynch collection hammers---$5 a head!!!!, old hardy tooling including top tools that I forge down the striking end to fit my 1.5" hardys for a couple of bucks a pop, great coal, etc, etc, *etc*!

It's held on a county fairgrounds so you can camp out with the other smiths and spend the hotel money of *stuff*!

A bunch of us old junkyard folks camp together there

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Yup, Fee for primitive camping was about US$10 a night last time I attended---compared to even a "cheap motel" it's a great deal IMNSHO! Costs for RV hook ups was a bit more. (Just avoid camping by the dog pound if you don't like dogs barking all night...)

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