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4 Mosaic Patterns (Can You Help Me Name One of Them?)

Jose Gomez

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After a long break sponsored by moving into a new house I was finally able to get back into the shop and do some pounding. I had several billets in various stages of completion so I decided to knock out a few of the partially completed bars along with putting together a new pattern. Here's a few shots of the recent bars.
This one is a mosaic bar made of 15n20, 1080, and a few nickel welding rods. I call this one Blast pattern.
This is yet another mosaic bar forged from 15n20 and o1 that I refer to as shockwave pattern
Here's a little critter that I call earthquake pattern. It is a W pattern bar forged from 15n20, 1080, and a few nickel scraps.
This is a shot of the bars side by side just for kicks

And finally my newest pattern. It is (suprise, suprise) forged from 15n20, 1080, nickel welding rods, and a chainsaw file for the dot in the center. I have not come up with a name for this pattern yet, but I'm sure that someone here can help. So whatcha think???? any suggestions?

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Thanks everyone! I like all of the ideas! I already have a Pinwheel and a Spiderweb pattern (I'll dig up a few pictures and post them), Wormhole and Timehole are cool (Now I'll have to forge patterns to mach the names)....Wellllll now.... Fire Tie dye or Forged Tie Dye....This line could be super fun...My head is spinning with cool inspiration! Thanks! Personally I'm feeling either ground Zero Or Supernova are in the lead with me! Keep em coming!

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