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  1. Hey 5starhobo where in the great state of Texas are you at?
  2. I have a growth like that on my anvil and use it to hot cut pieces of stock.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will try a spark test on them sometime this week.
  4. My brother is a crane operator and gave some track pins. The only thing I have able to find out about track pins for cranes is they are high carbon steel. Does anyone have any experience with them and know what metal they are. Or some tips on how to go about testing them. I am thinking about forging something with one and then try a quench in oil and see how well it hardens. Any info or instruction on what to try is much appreciated.
  5. I would be interested in this also. Was in a bad car crash years ago and have arthritis in my feet, knees, one hip and lower back. Between the car wreck and treating my body like it will never break down, im not sure how able im gonna be in my later years of life.
  6. ive read some reviews on it, one was a comparison against the millermatic 211 and he said he would get the TA 211i as its about $500 cheaper. Said that the miller wire welded a little better, but the TA stick welded better and they both tig welded about the same.
  7. I have a miller bobcat 225, but have been looking for a wire welder for a while. I found the thermal arc 211i 3in1 machine for about $1200. I was just wondering if anyone on here has used one and if so what they thought about it.
  8. Maybe it takes a real man to work with a pink forge. :)
  9. Why not soak it in some tool cleaner and see if the rest of the hard grease will come out?
  10. I welded for a few years making heavy industrial auger and doing repairs on the pier drilling machines. I was wondering what yall were talking about in the other thread when you said carbon arc torch with a stick welder to heat and braze. As soon as I seen the electrodes in the video I knew what was going on. Although I have never done it. I have arc gouged ALOT. Thanks for the video that was interesting. I might try it sometime, just to see it work.
  11. I dont know about using them for straightening, but I use one for my G2 guillotine tool dies. That way I dont have to spend much time dressing up the edge of the die.
  12. That looks good, nice clean bends.