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"this one is a s-t-e-a-l in north carolina looks like a hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy budden My link "

Called the guy today... says it's "cast iron" and doesn't have any kind of ring like his other anvils. He has a guy coming to look at it tomorrow, so I don't expect it will last long. Great price, though, and I'm hoping it's around this weekend for me to pick up with the quality is there.

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Here's an anvil, vise, forge etc in British Columbia - $900 Monopoly money (Canadian dollars) or a bit over $800 US.

"The anvil I believe is a London pattern, there are a few numbers discernable on the side of it. The blower is hand crank. The forge has been a welded repair (apparently a common problem on forges) but is in working order as is everything else. All last used by a now retired ferrier and all a good bargain for $900 Cdn."


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54 lb Kohlswa in (very) southern NY state. Looks pretty much pristine to me:

Even if the seller does offer local pickup, I'm not willing to drive through NY city to get an anvil.


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Hey! Congrats on getting married!



Thanks. I'm getting married next Saturday.

The CBA is having their periodic instructor training session on Saturday, and members are allowed to tag along to fill up vacancies. Mark Asprey is doing the training. When they announced it back in December, I heard the date, Jan 29, and said, "Doh! I won't be making that one!"
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Well most of those look like Vulcans---not a good brand for extreme repairs and a lot of abuse going on there. (Shape of horn, shallowness of cutting plate and blockiness of heels is what I'm going by)

Might do ok at about half that price----of course his in good shape and work fine has no credibility after how he rated the anvils; looks like he doesn't know anything about smithing stuff; *or* he's trying to find buyers who don't know anything about smithing stuff.

I'd suggest a VoTech welding program pick them up and try to fix them; though after a lot of work they are still the bottom of the real anvil list in terms of quality.

Pay $70 for a 100 pound anvil; put $200 of time and rod into it to get an anvil worth about $150...enough incredible deals like that and I'll be attending your bankruptcy sale...

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A little pricey, but with negotiation, it could be a really good setup for someone:
Anvil and Forge

Actually, now that I look at it again, that's a nicer forge and blower than I have. Might be right, spot on.

Really not such a good deal:
Vulcan Anvil

A farrier's setup:
Farrier's anvil

A TFS in the SF Bay area:
TFS Anvil

A more reasonably-priced Vulcan in Hayward:

I think I've seen this guy's ads before. He ain't cheap, but there are some nice "travel size" anvils for sale:

I'm tired of cutting and pasting, now that I found those in SF Bay Craig's List. If anyone in that area complains about not being able to find an anvil....

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