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  1. take a look here and around the site: it looks like a centaur forge pot or the buffalo it was modeled after. They use the upper lip to hang the pot in the forge bed but you need angle iron to seal up the end. You can also cut a smaller hole in the bed and have the pot sit on the lower lips. Brian
  2. look here http://www.greatnorthernprepper.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Blacksmiths-Manual-Illustrated-1991.pdf
  3. Roy, Clay is a member of the Alabama Forge council, I believe. You can find order info here http://www.alaforge.org/Trading_Post.html. look down the page some. Brian Pierson
  4. There are dyes for candles to turn the wax a color. Take a look at this New Zealand company. http://www.candlecreations.co.nz/shop/Candle+Making+Supplies/Dyes.html The black dye is listed at $2.50 NZ dollar. According to the site, it will color 3Kg of wax. Brian Pierson
  5. When Brian first posted this I grabbed all of the pictures and text and turned it into a pdf. I wanted to make sure I could take this out to the forge with me. As you can see it has the 9 pictures in it and mostly only his words but I did add a a littles to caption all of the pictures. I hope this helps. Brian Pierson Feather Making.pdf
  6. there are a couple of posts from back when he passed. Brian Pierson
  7. Mike, take a look here. http://sofablacksmiths.org/quadstate/quadstate2014.html Brian Pierson
  8. It is shown in Lillico's book "Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated" in Plate 26. He tells the reader to upset the end instead of grinding back the rod. I would think the video is a little more work but a better route to go. Brian Pierson
  9. onetreeforge, A candleshop that makes their own would have an idea where to get it. Here is one in NZ that you might want to look at. http://www.candlecreations.co.nz/shop/Candle+Making+Supplies/Dyes.html Brian Pierson
  10. I would do a search for candle or paraffin dye. You should be able to find dye that you can add to melted wax in NZ. Good Luck Brian Pierson
  11. I had a standard pump rivet forge years ago. I didn't know to clay it but worked the fire on top of it. I had it for a couple of years until I went to pull it out of storage in the spring. The pan split down the middle during the winter cold. The cast iron was stressed during my forging weekends and the cold contracted the pan splitting it. You probably won't have to worry about it in Texas but thought I would share. Brian Pierson
  12. Frank, He did a photo demo showing the corkscrew on here. I believe this is what you were shown. Brian Pierson
  13. All, The other way to figure if the 1.5 inch round will give enough metal to equal 4 x .5 in bar. The round has an area of pi x radius squared or 1.767 square inches. The bar has 4 in times .5 in or 2 square inch area. So the 1.5 round isn't big enough. You would need 1.596. If you go with 1 5/8, you have 1.625 so you have a little for loss. Brian Pierson
  14. Ridgewayforge, Do you have more t-post? Instead of sheet metal, you could put more posts in and use the firebrick for the top. You might need to grind off the teeth on the one side depending on how you layout the brick. You know what you have on hand so good luck which ever way you go. Brian Pierson
  15. Kayakersteve, Take a look at a you tube film by Mad Dwarf Forge. they use a log splitter rigged as a horizontal press like you did your splitter. They put together a tighter fitting rig for the press but it might give you some ideas IF you run into problems. Brian Pierson
  16. Frosty, Thanks for the reply on that. Brian Pierson
  17. Frosty, Is your 1" board actually 3/4. Do you get them at big box stores like Home Depot or do you have a local lumber store that carries it? I have seen Hickory board in HD and wondered if the heater dried boards would work well. I would assume so but thought I would ask for your opinion. Thanks Brian
  18. Brian, There is a Group that meets at the shop in Fowler park. The park is south of Terre Haute east off of 41. I have never had a chance to make a meeting but the shops looks pretty impressive from the outside. Welcome aboard Brian Pierson
  19. All, I was in DC last week and had a chance to get back to the National Cathedral. I took some pictures with a film box camera about 25 years ago. I have wanted to get back to there and take better pictures this time. The gate is one of eight in the vestibule and had carved heads on the top. The heads are of Viking/Saxon era men. The heads are carved 360 and are all different. When i was there the first time, I did not realize there was a carved back to the heads. The posts were about 1 1/2 wide and 5/8 thick. The color of the finish is a rich, dark brown, as you can see in the picture. Any suggestions on how the hair was defined? I am guessing that it was carved in after the pieces were forged and cooled. Was it cut in with a chisel or a graver? I have pictures of all four heads but showing just one to cut down on the size of the post. Let me know if you would like to see more. If you get a chance to go the the cathedral, go because the artisan is incredible, whether metal, glass or stone. Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures Brian Pierson
  20. David, Where is the picture from? Just about every brit traveling forge i have seen reproduced is on this pattern. That includes the one at Fort York. Thanks. Brian
  21. Darrell, The time from the 7 year war to Napoleonic war (1756 - 1815) is a serious change in military science. Britain goes from hereditary officers to earned promotions. The earlier officers would go to military schools to learn how to be a soldier. The schools had their own curriculum early on and would have different focus. Around the 1790's, White Horse started to produce regulations to standardize the Army. This would force the officers to dress and equip the soldiers alike and not on the whim as they had before. The forge carts you have seen is a product of the standardization. I saw a similar forge cart at Fort York in Toronto. I haven't been there in a few years so I don't know if they still have it by the visitor center. Putting together a period correct forge is an admirable project good luck and if you get a chance, share some pictures. Brian P
  22. Patrick, Nice work. I would suggest that you take a look at this article Brian Brazeal did years ago. Just thought I would pass it along. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/12384-making-a-feather/ Brian Pierson
  23. There was an industrial museum mentioned on here that had a vise stand pictured like that also. It was just a few weeks before matchless had the one on ebay.
  24. bigfootnampa, I agree the shapes definitely scream eye drifts. I wonder what the actual dimensions are for those two. I only found the images without sizing info. They list 73 as an anvil and 104 as unknown. Do you have sizing info? Brian
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