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  1. and some shortcuts are epiphanies
  2. I "store" my ten tons of coal in a big pile outside my shop. I sure hope it never spontaneously combusts, lol. Just kidding. Coal is virtually indestructable
  3. somewhere between 1 and three dollars a pound, contingent upon condition
  4. the guys in uniform look like prison guards...............possible that this was a trade training section of a prison?
  5. I also manufacture lumber tongs, I make them out of 1 3/8 round material, in two sizes.............24" openings, and 36 inch openings...........out of 1045 steel. I make them for a derrick manufacturing company
  6. looks like a good deal on a 200 lb peter wright on craiglist My link
  7. I personally would forge weld a bigger damascus billet, then use the damascus as the material for the tang.............lol, why complicate life? I have forged many damascus blades, and have never ever forge welded a blade to a seperate tang,,,,,,,,,,,,,too much trouble!
  8. at the bottom of each exhaust pipe, I have a t-connector with a cleanout. The cleanout consists of a cap, which I remove to clean out the bottom of the exhaust pipe. No rain water accumulates inside the pipe because they are always hot, evaporating any rainwater. Excellent question, though!
  9. each exhaust pipe is 45 feet high. If you use similar exhaust pipes, make sure they rise at least four feet above the peak of the roof, to allow the turbines to catch wind.
  10. I love hay buddens, I have four of them!!!!!!!!!!they range from seven hundred pounds down to 95 pounds
  11. my philosophy is "in for a penny, in for a pound"...........I have used a 700 pounder for three decades, and LOVE IT!
  12. At the factory where I served my apprenticeship, they had a 75 pound fairbanks. These hammers are excellent, one of the most well made that have ever been manufactured in america. Like a timex, they can take a licking and keep on ticking!
  13. Thank you for the closeup pic...............this is EXACTLY what I use!!!!!!!!!!!! Those turbines could suck the hairs off a peach!
  14. An Iforgeiron visitor to my shop remarked that he didn't smell smoke in my shop. I am posting this topic to explain the lack of smoke in my shop. If you look at the forge pipes going up the side of my barn/shop, you will see at the top of both smokestacks turbines like you see on the top of exhaust hoods at restaurants, which act like sails,catching wind and creating a vortex inside the pipes which suck the smoke right up the pipes.
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