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very nice craiglist anvil in minneanapolis, MN at a good price My link

I have dibs on that, I'll be picking it up tomorrow! Although I'm wondering about that extra hole in the plate and one in the waist...........

UPDATE: I got it, a 160 lb Peter Wright, rusty, a couple of 1/2" holes in the table for bending rods and one in each side, same purpose. Well done mod's it work fine, still great rebound and sound. Long and slender dimensions. Wire-wheel here I come!
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I do not know how to post links....sorry

by the way, let me quell the confusion, stuartthesmith and stewartthesmith are the same person.....this stemmed from a miscommunication......oops!

there is another big deal posted today on craigslist, some guy is selling two little giants, both 250 pounds or more in evansville, indiana.............and a beautiful hay budden with a lot of ancillary tools for 250 dollars in marshfield, missouri..........good luck, guys!

Well hello Stuart,Stewart. My name is Stuart. Wish the haybuddens were a little closer
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rcvd an email in regards to an estate sale coming up in houston, texas....

Anvil is of unknown origin at this point in time.
"On September 17th through 19th I will have an estate sale. At this sale will be several vises and one very large anvil. It is nearly 2 feet long and probably weighs in at 200#. If you are looking for a very large piece come out and see us at the sale.

I do not have prices marked yet and I cannot sell outside the sale. I can help load it.


Sale location:
Limco Building
2106 Dallas St
Houston TX 77003 "

post-14529-051600200 1283378026_thumb.jp

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Two anvils in Louisiana..

149# Mousehole(?)
http://shreveport.craigslist.org/tls/1938489264.html Farmerville

154# Trenton
http://shreveport.craigslist.org/tls/1938485776.html Monroe

Forge, farmervilla

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Vulcan & mousehole(?) in E-bay, pick-up in seguin.



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sorry guys, this computer refuses to upload links, so I will try to describe this anvil.............looks like a hay budden on ebay for about 150 dollars, it is sitting on a kitchen chair, looks to be about 150-200 lbs. good luck!

Your links look to be working for me... however ebay on the other hand. I've got two... here in texas im watching, trying to guess what the darn reserve is and to see if there's a sudden rush on em.
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