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Show me your power hammer

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I don't have a PH, because I have no place to put one. But there are tons of pics in the archives here, and all over the 'Net. 

If I had the space, and no neighbors close enough to worry about, I'd probably build a helve with a tire drive, very much like the one Sam is working on. Not because it's necessarily the ideal PH design, but because I think it's comfortably within my skill set and scrounging ability.

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I built a David Robertson air hammer and I posted my build photos on Metal Artists Forum only because this site had a Kinyon style hammer build document already. He sells that design from his website Artistblacksmith.com If you click back through the archives on this site you will find numerous pictures of tire hammers which don't need a compressor. You will probably need to decide what type of machine will best suit your needs. Just click through and watch some of those videos. That really helped me in my decision for choosing one. Good luck! Sincerely, Spears.

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Ask Clay about the tips of his fingers up in Co on a snowy day. A treadle hammer weld broke at the wrong time. I don't think it was one he built but it sure did a job on the fingers to the joint. Someone asked him to look at the hammer, he put his fingers on the bottom die and looked at the back of the hammer. The weld broke at that moment and the hammer head caught his fingers.


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tools tools tools, I got lucky at 2 auctions and had a friend sell me a bunch for really cheap, good thing they look good hanging there, cause I sure haven't used em much, but when I figure out what I need em for, then I'm in business, c'mon over and we will get em goin!!

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I run a 100# Bradley upright helve. Its a nice little hammer, and while I would like a larger one i definitely don't have the room! On tooling, somewhere I have photos of ALL of Clifton's tools. I dragged them all out and snapped a shot of everything in his shop , and even have notes as he had stories to go with everything! I think I have only tried about 4% of what I saw at his place. Despite that,when I culled all my junk recently, I tossed a half ton of tooling ! I can Imagine how many tons of tooling are in his place! That stuff really piles up after a while.post-12740-096501400 1274482992_thumb.jp

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C`mon now Jason,it`s not nice to tease.We need more pics of that hammer and the tooling you mention too.
I personally would like to see the drive linkage end of that hammer as well as what it looks like from the operator`s viewpoint(the dies and head,etc).A close-up of how the drive ties to the beam would be great too.

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Don't tread on me ,
heres 2 pictures of the " homemade " height adjustable helve hammer i made , has since been pulled apart & put in storage after my lovely wife brought me a 15 kg / 33 lb Anyang

Took me awhile to find these pictures in puter , did once ave a gallery full of photos , but they must ave been lost in 1 of the site

Click on link & it'll tell you a bit more about the helve http://www.iforgeiro...e-helve-hammer/

And YES i know it's UGLY as SIN , but did the job i needed it for at the time

Dale Russell ( aka ) Lefty

post-39-054643800 1274485923_thumb.jpg

post-39-081144900 1274485963_thumb.jpg

P.S . Sorry about the picture size , i don't know what happened there

Edited by Dale Russell
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  The arsenal from smallest to biggest;


1910  Old style  25# Mayers Brothers/ Little Giant  with combination dies.

Shop built motor mount , dropped treadle, brake and spring guard.


1922  Old style 100# Little Giant with drawing dies

Shop built motor mount , wrap around guard, dropped treadle,  tool holder , tool tray and over the top band brake


1924 [?] 200# Beaudry Champion #7  two piece motor driven hammer with  flat dies and factory brake

Shop built motor mount , jackshaft speed reduction , belt guard ,dropped treadle and tool tray and holder.



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A Clay Spencer tire hammer.  I purchased it from Ray Mack of Raker Knives.  Long story, but every time there was a build class I was on the water, so when Ray decided to sell to help pay for an air hammer upgrade I jumped on it.  This is an old photo, at my old shop, I've repainted it and fixed a few of the less than professional welds that came loose while working it.  Good little hammer, but am wanting to add an air hammer now, just can't afford one.


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