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  1. About 3' deep for a 140 lb hammer. After using it a few years, it should have been larger. It move a little with heavy blows.
  2. Adair, My old 100 has a 3-3/8" OD motor pulley & 2 V belts. The new one is 3-15/16" & 3 V belts. Both work fine, but I came very close to putting a smaller pulley on the new 100. It was acting up at first and was more difficult to tune than the older one, but after we got it running right, I really liked the faster speed and harder blows. Forgot about having that large a pulley on the new hammer until just now... I've seen long V belts on other hammers that track just fine. Just follow Dave's instruction and you will get it going, especially the sticky ram part and making sure you have the right spring... He knows how to make a LG run right.
  3. Yes 4" pulley on the motor is too fast and the hammer wont work right. 3-1/4 or 3-1/2" will be fine. You can get just about any length V belt you need.
  4. Seems every time I post on one of these 100 lb LG it kills the thread. What's up with that? :)
  5. Frosty, mine are new style hammers, crosshead goes above the pitman. His is old style and crosshead goes below pitman. He just need to flip the crosshead around with the ears up.
  6. Sid put two treadle rods on my new one. This puts even presure on the fork, works great.
  7. New style, but same princible. Both these hammers hit very hard!
  8. I like the no paint look. Goin to be a great lookin hammer!
  9. I have two 100 lb Little Giants and love em! Run about 2" gap between the dies for hardest blows. Ears up on the old style, ears down on the new style... Might want to back off the spring tention a bit also.
  10. If you do have the chance to get a 100 lb Little Giant. I highly recommend it! I have two and love em!!! These hammers do hit harder than the 110 lb air hammers. I'm running both with 5 hp motors, 220V, 20 amp breakers.. That said, if I didn't have the Little Giants, I'd look hard at the Sahinler SM50 & Say-Mak for a 110 lb self contained...
  11. I've spent a fair bit of time on hammers just like it. Very Nice hammer!
  12. I've seen the top of the frame that holds the main shaft break off when dropped. You are lucky!