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  1. DanielC, I would be interested in getting a copy of the 3b foundation plan. Thanks, Glenn
  2. Thanks Dan P, I have contacted them and they are not familiar with the product. The way it is built and painted it looks to be from the factory. Interesting.
  3. Looking for information on Kuhn hammers single blow mechanism . I'm not sure how long this system was available but I do know it was available in 1992. Centaur forge and Bill Peih sold them. Any information is appreciated. I know it came on the K12/42 hammer.
  4. BIGGUNDOCTOR, Did you get the specs on the 30kw machine? I might be interested. Might be down your way the end of April. I have been using 3/16" tubing, it is easy to form. When I started I was using 1/4" and read somewhere that folks were making coils with 3/16 so I thought it might be better to use. What determines the size tubing you use. I have a 15 and 25 kw unit.
  5. I am wondering if it makes any difference in the coil if you use 1/4" dia tubing or 3/16" ? Any ideas anyone?
  6. I am wondering if it makes any difference in the coil if you use 1/4" dia tubing or 3/16" ? Any ideas anyone?
  7. What is the value of a 80# fisher anvil worth? No tabs on the base. Thanks
  8. Peter, congrats on the new place. I like your table, I know what you mean about tools around the press. Maybe I will make a rolling cart to have close to the press table. Hi to Sue. Glenn
  9. Just got a norton flypress and am going to set it up. I wondered if anyone has suggestions for the table size to set it on, how much larger the table should be than the press? Any photos of others set up would be helpful. Thanks, Glenn
  10. Thanks, I have located an email address and phone number in Or.
  11. Does any one know who is handling the say mak hammers now? Thanks
  12. So Larry, are you saying the tap and miss is caused by the crank shaft bearing being worn?
  13. John, Clifton Ralph and I ran that hammer at a workshop I taught in 1985 or 86. We forged 3" rounds 3' long to 8' long tapers. Also flattened 3" round alittle and then punched 1.25" holes under the hammer. We had one of us driving the hammer and the other working the iron.