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  1. The problem is that the vice is to short to mount on the side of the truck. So I am mounting it on the hitch but I forgot to make it where it wouldn't spin in the mount. I need to make a leg that gos from the mount to a steel plate on the ground.
  2. I put my forge and all my tools on my truck, so now I have a mobile blacksmith shop. Just used it for the first time tonight and it works good except for the vice, I have to make a new mount for it.
  3. Thanks i hope to be getting back into the swing of things here.
  4. Hey guys I am back, its been a long time but I have been very busy with other things. I am hoping to have time for some Blacksmithing this year and hope to be able to make some nice stuff.
  5. Trip all of your brakers and then flip them all back on. Sometimes a braker will trip but the switch will get stuck in the on position. I will talk to my Dad who is a electrical contracter and see what he thinks.
  6. Cabalas sells a first aid kit for boating that has all of that sort of stuff.
  7. Ya my Dad has alwase told me that if you don't water jalapenos they will be hotter then if you do water them.
  8. Jalapenos arnt bad I have eaten a whole one of them in one bite. HOBENAROS are bad I thought one was a small Bell Peper once, THAT WAS VERY BAD.
  9. I have just found that Cold Steel makes there blades from AUS-8. I have a Cold Steel knife and I like it a lot it seems to hold its edge rather well, I use it to strip wire and it still has the factory sharpen on it. And the blade on the knife I am looking at is Cryo treated to.
  10. I am looking at buying a knife made out of it. The blade is 6 in. and is already heat treated.
  11. How good is AUS-8 Stainless Steel?
  12. Unless you have the fitings I would just buy the ball valve, the two fittings would probly be more expensive anyway.
  13. I have the two berner one. they work good but you would want to buy some hotter fire blanket for it. It comes with 2300 I got some 2700, some Ensen tuff and Itc 100, it works good but is not as fual efishent as most. It takes about 15 psi to get welding heat. A 20lb tank will last about 6-8 hours less if your welding.
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