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very spiffy!

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Let me think, Great tailgating gone. All blueprints gone. Location gone. New posts almost gone. email for glenn gone. I know the guys are working hard but to me it seems I lose more than I gain.

Let me see, we (the admins) spent 3 days of our Christmas Holiday, not with our family, but working to create a NEW site from the ground up, transferring over 12,500 memberships, over 150,000 posts, and over 25,000 images from one format to another with little or no losses. We have a working forum, a working gallery and a working chat, that tonight hosted 22 people for the Tuesday Night Live Blueprints. Although two Blueprints were promised, three Blueprints were presented. We have had several new members register to the site, and have quite a few posts to both new and old threads in the forum. There were at one time today, 142 people on line. At the time of this post, the site has been on line only 18 hours. There was no announcement, people were checking the URL for the launch of the new system.

* The Great tailgating site is still there, but needs associated and linked into the new system.

* The Blueprints and the front page of the site need to be associated and linked into the new system. They may need to be manually transferred.

*Location map softwear may or may not be able to be associated and linked into the new system. This depends on the softwear developers, and their softwear, not something we have control over.

* New posts are being made to both the old and the new threads.

* My email is still available. You may also contact me through the forum.

** If you purchase a book, you have to PAY for the book. If you attend a class, you have to PAY for the class. You visit IForgeIron at NO CHARGE (read FOR FREE) and acquire as much or more information on a specific subject than would be contained in either the book or the class. You can talk directly to the experts that KNOW about which they speak, and in many cases wrote the book you would have had to purchase, or teach the classes you would have paid to attend. Those authors and/or demonstrators have posted this information FREE of CHARGE to assist YOU in learning about blacksmithing, the same information you then use to make your life as a blacksmith easier and to make money that goes into YOUR pocket.

** I do not recall any donations on your behalf to support the site, the license fees, the server fees, the bandwidth fees, or the equipment.

** "I loose more than I gain" As you have objected to FREE, I will look into a subscription fee that is set it up according to your bandwidth, your time on line, and information you receive from the site.
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Thanks for all the Admins do to make this site available. People don't realize the amount of work that goes into even a small site, let alone one that hasthe kind of stats that iforgeiron has. If someone can't stand the new format, then maybe they should remove the bookmark and find another site that they prefer. I know I've gotten far more value than the price of admission to this site.

Thanks again!

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Change is always tough on everyone involved.
The members want their old familiar forum back and the admin folks want a forum that runs more smoothly and doesn`t require as much time away from their other responsibilities (like family for one).

Members will adjust to the changes,we always do.
Admin will make the needed adjustments to carry the old into the new.They`ve worked long hours during an already trying season to make this happen for all of us.Try putting whatever initial disappointment you may feel aside and see this for what it is,a way to move this great forum forward.
I want to thank Glen and the rest of the crew for the time and trouble they`ve gone through in order to let us kick back and enjoy this new site going into the new year.It`s become such a part of our day to day lives that we take it for granted sometimes and forget how much work it must be to keep it running and moving forward.

Take a break guys and enjoy what`s left of the holiday season.We`re in good hands here as we`ve always been.Things will get fixed and before you know it the forum will be back,only better.
Might be a good idea to thank all those people who make it happen for us every day and put the criticism aside in light of what they`ve accomplished while we were all enjoying time with the family.

Thanks again Glen and crew!

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I put my location in the "Location" in the "Other Information" section of the forums "Profile". An example can be seen under my Avatar. :D

How to put a location under your Avatar

Step 1. Click on your name on the upper right hand corner of this screen for example Bob would click on “Mainely.Bob”.
Step 2. Scroll down and Click on "My Profile"
Step 3. Chick on “Edit My Profile” button near the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 4. Scroll down in the next screen to “Other Information” heading on the screen.
Step 5. In the “Location ” box, type your location into this box.
Step 6. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and click on the box that says, “Save Changes”.

I hope this helps. If not let me know where I may need to elaborate.

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Dragons Lair, I will look up your email address and send you an email so you can contact me off line.

Thank You for your support folks.
There are only two of us (Andrew and myself) that make the site run. We depend on several other people for assistance, the mods, a couple of very sharp un-named folks, and you the viewers to keep IForgeIron a family site and a comfortable place to visit. You the viewers have been wonderful to alert us to any problems, by clicking the report button at the bottom left of each post, so we can fix things in a timely manner.

I can not say it enough, Thank You for your support.

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i think you guys are doing a great job every thing new takes getting use to i would like to thank glenn and all the other admins here for keeping the site up and running and up to date with the new stuff i'm sure in time you guys will work out all the bugs keep up all the great work guys and have a safe and happy new year tom

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Glen and Co,

Thank you for your efforts to improve and update the site. It looks great so far. Good things do take time and effort as most of us fully understand. Ignore those slings and arrows launched from the arm chair gallery.

If you need donations, I'm confident that the members that post here will help out as best we can.

All the best,

P. M. Elliott
Carrabassett Valley Forge

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can i have the old forum.....lol

and what else ya chuckin out?

i meant it, very nice, i got a small forum and from setting it up to a bit of maint, then to this scale of transfer? lodda werk...
this forum looks more than capable to handle all the other could plus more id say, just be time and server space and speed before evrything and more is up. at a guess.

and after actually reading more.....less you helped set it up or contributed financialy, whine in silence, this like repeaters are put up by people for nicks and ask for nought, so a group can chat, brag, dribble, poke fun at the swede,...lol.... and have a good time? fantastic!! however it looks.

and ummm....wheres the old one.....lol ... ill have the hand me downs how much for the old pgm?.
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Glenn, thank you so much for spending the time to get the forum up and running well. I know you spent time doing this when I am sure you would have rather spent it with your family. Your dedication to the dissemination of information for us gives us the ability to be the best smiths we can be. I for one am grateful. Have a great holiday.

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Glenn, Andrew and the unnamed . . . Kudos and many thanks for all your efforts to provide a premium site and a premium service!

To all o' the fellow members , the issue isn't whether change has occurred (as they say - "it's inevitable") but how you partner with it.

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Well, since a few others from the Great state of Maine have chimed in, I might as well too. Looks fine, works great, Glenn and Company, keep up the good work! I'm sure you are running backwards and juggling the flaming chainsaws just as fast as you can. I got twitchy not being able to check the site, I like free. Free is good. Valuable free stuff is near priceless. Valuable free info is even moreso.

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Andrew and Glenn,

I checked several times a day over the holidays for the forum to come back on line. (Wishful thinking, or perhaps addiction?)
Because you had alerted us that it would be down from the 28th through the 31st, I was suprised when it went down early, but I was absolutely delighted when it was back up so quickly! That says to me that lots and lots of planning went into preparing for this conversion. All that work you put in ahead of time, so that we would have minimal downtime, is why you both deserve our collective membership "Thank You".

I have been exploring the new site's features and would echo Mainely Bob's very well stated comments and sentiment.

2010 is going to rock on IFI !!!
Happy New Year

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Glenn and Andrew, THANK YOU for spending a big part of your holiday season trying to make the site better for US!! I am sure, as the other guys have said, that any bugs will be taken care of in time. It's just good to know that you folks care enough about the site to spend the time required to upgrade and maintain it. Again, THANK YOU!! :)

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