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  1. There are a number of thermocouples and "readers" you can even use a cheap electrical meter to read the thermocouple as it makes electricity milivolt range. Do some more reasearch, ebay, craigs list, they are not that hard to put together, and digital does have its advantages. good luck.
  2. thanks frosty and others I never thought of it on that level.
  3. ha , it was momax, I got the right name finally. I think its the cobalt.
  4. yes that is what i got, where my friend works they make tools out of it, for machining, but the mobic must be some generic term, or the steel is made from there. thanks.
  5. is mobic steel a certian type of steel or a manufacturer or what? Someone told me that they had some but that was the only info they had on it, and I had never heard of it? thanks.
  6. great thanks a lot for the info, that helps me understand it a lot better, do you run up to the desired temp in a short time or do you ramp up slower, is this part of the two hour tempering?
  7. thanks for the reply, by the way , since the colors are made with oxidation, will I get stronger colors with heat outside ( flame or piece of hot steel) of a tempering oven, then in it? Yes I have been sanding the steel to see the color, when I do it with flame or on a hot piece of steel I can see them very clearly. But in the oven it seem more difficult, I may have been getting light straw at 425 or so, but not sure about it , like I can kind of see it but not like when I use flame, also flame has the advantage of see all the colors from blue on up as a reference. I will keep working at it.
  8. just as an update, I was getting stress cracks so I am using oil. I am up to 475 on tempering, but I am having a hard time seeing the color, my next batch I am going to run the colors with heat, and place that in the oven with the other pieces so I can see the difference, does that make sense?
  9. what quench and tempering would you use for leaf spring?
  10. also a lot of info on the forum " practical machinist" under the vfd's heading.
  11. I have 2 teco's no enclosure and one other brand , I make my own enclosures, I have had them for three years and no problem, They are all in unheated structures. With all electronics you can get bad ones, and brands can start out good and then go down hill. I also like automation direct good service and people. they are happy to help you on the phone.
  12. here is what I found on the specs http://www.suppliersonline.com/propertypages/1075.asp#Spec
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